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J.K. Rowling Expecto Patronum Tattoo

J.K. Rowling's Response to a Fan's Tattoo Request Will Move You to Tears

We've always known that J.K. Rowling wields her own special sort of magic. Her latest Twitter exchange with a fan in need is another reminder of how inspiring she is. Twitter user @AlwaysJLover, or Kate, reached out to Rowling with a special tattoo request. Kate, who identifies as a sexual assault, suicide, and self-harm survivor, is "30 days clean," meaning she has not self-harmed in that time. Kate told Rowling that she has helped her get through "every single thing" and said she wanted to get "Expecto Patronum" tattooed on an area of her wrist she has cut the most, in J.K. Rowling's handwriting.

Rowling is known to reach out to fans to offer words of wisdom, courage, and comfort, and yet again, she did not disappoint. Within minutes, Kate got a tweet back from the author with a touching note saying simply: "I love that you're working to heal and protect yourself. You deserve this. I hope it helps." She attached an image of the words "Expectro Patronum" written out by her.

Kate told the Huffington Post UK that "Expecto Patronum" has different meanings for different people, saying that for her "it's about finding your inner strength and holding on to a happy memory and making the bad guys (mostly depression and the voices in my head, in my case) go away," adding that she feels so thankful to have J.K. Rowling in her life. Rowling's response led to an outpouring of support for Kate, with others offering words of encouragement and sharing their own struggles.

Kate then encouraged others who were suffering and seeking strength to use her tattoo as their own inspiration.

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