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James Deen's Reddit AMA 2014

The One Important Thing We Learned From Porn Star James Deen's AMA

"Boy next door" porn star James Deen participated in an Ask Me Anything on Reddit this week, sharing some insights into the industry as well as his personal predilections. But one thing was evident by the end of the Q&A . . . the guy isn't into clowns. "Peeing in someone's mouth while they dry hump a giant teddy bear," however, is A-OK, but no clowns. Also, he has masturbated to himself. (But are we really surprised by that?) Anyway, it goes without saying that this thread is NSFW. Read on for his most intriguing and confusing responses.

the200sx: Worst sexual encounter . . . how did it go?

"It was just bad. I stopped and started eating a sandwich then ejaculated on the floor for dramatic effect."

silversdark: Do you and Stoya ever bring people into the bedroom or do you keep your private relationship just between you two?

"Like to do what? We let people in all the time. Someone has to check on the cats while we are away. Insert obvious wink sound and face."

leemcgavinjoey: Are there any scenes that you found difficult/refused to partake in?

"I don't get down with clowns."

MookiK: If not too intrusive . . . What are YOUR hard limits?

"Don't like clowns and don't like being f*cked up the *ss. Used to not be OK with being called a b*tch, but I got over that."

kajais: Are you going to ever marry and/or settle down and have kids? If not, why?

"I currently don't want kids. I do like the idea of marriage. I am a sucker for romance."

vaguelyraji: If you had to give up either sex or burritos for the rest of your life, which would it be?

"YOU GO TO HELL AND YOU DIE!!!!!!!!!!! How dare you."

Jurassicparrot: Your scene with Nicole Ray (The Babysitter something) is one of the best scenes I have ever seen, it also got voted pretty highly on a "what porn scenes do you consider classics" ask Reddit recently. Do you have any specific memories of it/did you know you were filming something better than normal?

"Ummmm she was dating this guy who owed me money, and she wasn't allowed to talk to me, but we always wanted to have sex since the day we met. We hadn't spoke for about four months and then ended up on set together and there was a lot of sexual frustration and build-up anticipation . . . the guy ended up paying me, too, so it was a good day."

laidback_hoser: You're known for whispering stuff to the women you bang on camera, but what is, according to you, the hottest thing a woman has ever whispered to you during sex, either on camera or off?

"I wish I had an answer for that . . . ummmm it obviously wasn't memorable. I was probably lost in the moment or it was situationally hot. Sometimes a lady can just say hi and it is hotter than any dirty talk I ever heard."

gulpeg: Must also be easier to get turned on when your chances of getting laid are 100 percent.

"This is true. I am a total slut and pretty much a sure thing (winky noise)."

VeryIrrelevant: What porn do you most enjoy yourself? Have you ever rubbed one out to that handsome f*cker James Deen?

"Hahahaha I actually have. I edit a lot of my own movies, and I shoot the type of stuff I want to see so every now and then it gets awkward in the editing bay."

Sugarbear____: Do you actively try to make your movies "female-friendly" in a way that doesn't involve cheesy saxophone music and dim lighting? I know many women who almost exclusively watch scenes with you in them. Also, Have you and Stoya ever made your silicone genitals have sex?

"Nope. I just make porno. I actually make movies for me based on what I wanna see. I literally go in with zero regards to who my audience will be. Yes. Check"

curiouslad2: How was working with Farrah Abraham like? How did she compare to professional porn stars?

"I think she qualifies as a professional porn star. She got paid to professionally make a porno. Doesn't that qualify? I think she did a very good job."

yourheartwasalegend: What always turns you off?

"Crotchless panties. Someone asked this earlier, and I didn't think of it until now."

Pousseymahbitch: Is Lindsay Lohan hot in real life?

"Subjective. I think she is a very pretty lady."

kayina: In your relationships, do you prefer a woman who is filthy in bed, or more on the shy and timid side whom you can explore new firsts with?

"Filthy. I like to destroy mattresses."

SooooThisBitch: Do you have any tips on anal for a newbie?

"Communication. Always communicate . . . wait . . . getting your *ss f*cked or f*cking someone up the *ss or having anal sex with a partner???"

gypsybear: What are your 5 favorite books, in any order?

"I don't know how to read . . . I just legit am not really into books. Sometimes the prom queen will read to me because she loves to read and I like to listen. I am much more of an auditory learner anyway."

arae: What's the weirdest thing a female fan has said/asked you to do?

"Nothing really weirds me out. I have done some stuff that people would probably think is weird but to me it was nothing weird at all . . . is peeing in someone's mouth while they dry hump a giant teddy bear weird? I don't think so, but I can see why others would."

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