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Lena Dunham's Fresh Air Interview

Once Again, Lena Dunham's Thoughts on Sex Are a Breath of Fresh Air

When you think NPR, do you think sex? Well, you should this week. Lena Dunham was back on everyone's favorite public radio talk show, Fresh Air, on Monday, and surprise, surprise, she spent a good amount of time talking about sex with host Terry Gross. Here are some of the highlights.

On oversharing: "The term 'oversharing' is so complicated because I do think that it's really gendered. I think when men share their experiences, it's bravery, and when women share their experiences, it's some sort of — people are like, 'TMI.'"

On sex in film: "I feel like there's a couple brands like, 'I'm so angry! I hate you so much! We need to have sex right now!', which isn't particularly healthy, or 'I'm so in love with you that the minute that we get in I'm going to shed my negligee and we're going to be doing it.' I mean, I think that most depictions of sex are destructive."

On being sexually assaulted in college: "I said to this old friend in an email, I spent so much time scared; I spent so much time ashamed. I don't feel that way anymore, and it's not because of my job, it's not because of my boyfriend, it's not because of feminism, though all those things helped. It's because I told the story. And I'm still here, and my identity hasn't shifted in some way that I can't repair. And I still feel like myself, and I feel less alone.'"

On feminism: "My version of feminism is at its most basic level — it's about equality. I think that so many women have been misinformed about what feminism means. They think it means growing out your armpit hair, burning your bras, and storming through the streets with a skewer ready to get men."

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