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Mom Texts Daughter Relationship Advice

This Amazing Relationship Advice Proves Moms Truly Know EVERYTHING

At some point in our lives, we all reach the inevitable conclusion that our parents were right. About everything. I have a feeling the Imgur user who posted relationship advice her mom sent reached that conclusion when she read each heartfelt text. The daughter, who shared the words of wisdom from her mother, said that she received the texts from her mom because she was deciding whether or not she could forgive an ex who had cheated on her.

In just a few short passages, her mom dropped gems that we all should listen to and apply to our own relationships. Here are some highlights from her advice:

Will you support each other's dreams, even if you do not understand and/or share in all of his dreams? Can you be honest with each other on the big stuff even when it's hard? Can you forgive minor faults and mistakes and be willing to grow from them together and as an individual? Do you want to be there for the good and the ugly, and the routine and the extraordinary?

The advice from the mother — married 37 years — will resonate with anyone working hard to have a strong and healthy relationship. Read on for the whole sweet exchange between mother and daughter.

"It's hard to find real love and to know if it's real until you think you have lost it . . . "

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"Will you support each other's dreams?"

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"Do you want to be there for the good and the ugly?"

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"Listening to your heart and instincts is important too . . . "

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