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Post About Harassing Women in Public

This Facebook Post Captures What Women Deal With ALL the Damn Time

I can't count the number of times some idiot on the street or bus has tried to get my attention while I was wearing headphones. It seriously baffles me. I mean, I've got music to block out the jerk's comments, I've got my head stuck in a book to block his face, and yet, still, he won't take the hint.

Despite women using every device available to give off the signal that they want to be left alone, some guys will still try to worm their way into a conversation with them. It's not because these people are oblivious. No, it's because they do not give one sh*t what you want. Because they want your attention, and to them, what they want is all that matters. Sadly, I'm sure most women have experienced this type of situation in some way, and it doesn't matter if it's mild, unwanted prodding or full-on harassment. It's awful and awkward and completely invasive. Spoken-word performer and writer Ivan Coyote posted a status on Facebook that sums it all up perfectly.

Dear dudes everywhere: just leave her alone. She is wearing her headphones AND reading her book at the bus stop. What...

Posted by Ivan Coyote on Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Moral of the story? Leave. Her. Alone. Let her read her book. She's not there for you. And as Coyote says, tell all your friends, too.

Image Source: POPSUGAR Photography / Sheila Gim
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