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78 First-Date Questions to Really Get to Know Someone

Ditch the Awkward Silence With These 78 First-Date Questions

78 First-Date Questions to Really Get to Know Someone

First-date jitters are so real. In the hours leading up to a first date, there's a good chance you might feel a sort of buzzy, nervous energy, a combination of nerves and excitement as you picture how the date will go. What do I wear? Will they like me? Am I about to meet my soulmate? And a million other questions run through your mind. Though pre-date rituals are helpful, you might also find that having a handy list of first-date questions can help keep your (and your date's) nerves at bay. Having some questions ready ahead of time is a great fallback when you find yourself stuck in a moment of awkward silence, and it's a great way to help you get to know your date even better.

Whether the small talk is winding down, you've reached a bout of awkward silence, or you're not ready to say goodbye just yet, we've pooled together over 75 questions that make for perfect first-date banter. There are ice breakers, funny questions, and would-you-rather prompts for when you want to keep things light and fun. Or, if you're feeling shy or nervous about making a move, we've gathered some flirty questions as well. For those who want to dig a little deeper and form a more solid connection, we've also got you covered. So go forth, and put your first date jitters at ease. You've got this.

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