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Romance Novel Cover Models

Confessions of a Romance Novel Cover Girl

Romance Novel Cover Models

You've seen the steamy scenes in the supermarket checkout aisle, while perusing Barnes & Noble, or perhaps on your own bookshelf, but did you ever stop to think about the real people who pose for romance novels? Actress and model Serene Aandahl always loved playing dress-up as a little girl, and as an adult she has a job that lets her do that for a living: romance novel cover girl. We caught up with Serene to get an insider look into a typical photo shoot, her bare-chested better halves, and the potentially awkward moments. Here's what we learned:

POPSUGAR: Do you read the books?
Serene Aandahl: I like to read the last couple pages of my novels. Romance authors have a way of tying up a story, letting both the heroine and her man keep their independence, while also surrendering completely to the love they have for each other — which I never get sick of reading. Add a marriage and a newly discovered pregnancy, and you've got the completion of the female fantasy.

PS: How many have you done?
SA: A lady never tells.

PS: OK, so how did you get into it? And is it fun?
SA: It all started with one audition, and the rest is history. I absolutely love shooting romance book covers; I get a little giddy every time because as a girl I used to play dress-up for hours, and now it's my career. I love and look forward to it every time.

PS: If your life were a romance novel, what would it be called?
SA: "A Lady Not Yet Tamed"

That's just a taste of what Serene told us. Click through to see 10 of her covers and to find out more details on her favorite shoots, her hot male costars, and other behind-the-scenes secrets of shooting romance book covers.

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