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Romantic Weekly Horoscope

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If something about Monday seems off, strange, a little slanted, consider that you-know-who is frustrated about something and they don't know how to tell you. It's possible you're being, well, selfish -- and that's preventing you from seeing what's upsetting them (or that itself is what's so upsetting). Lavish them with attention and affection and you'll get a great response. Tuesday and Wednesday are slow and unromantic, but Thursday through Saturday have a big-budget action movie's worth of adventure. With a possible romantic subplot. Sunday returns you to the real world.
If you and a romantic interest go to the same gym, Monday would be a good day to start going together. (If you already work out together but haven't been in a while, it'd be a good day to go back.) It'd be one more excuse to spend time together. And the extra shot of endorphins to your brain would be a preemptive strike against the swirling emotions of Tuesday and Wednesday -- passionate, intense days. (Jealousy, anyone?) Thursday through Saturday aren't romantic per se, though you do have plenty of time to take the long view on your life, and love is certainly top-of-mind these days. Sunday's enlightening.
Romantically, the week starts out with a bang. You and you-know-who are glowing in each other's company. There are a lot of other things you probably should be doing, but you're having a hard time concentrating on anything else. A friend might be willing to pick up some slack for you. Return the favor on Tuesday or Wednesday, and later in the week -- Thursday though Saturday -- if you have tickets to a show or something and you-know-who can't make it, take your friend instead. Bonding with an old pal: It'll be great. Sunday is confusing.
In terms of romantic magic, this week is bogus. If you're single, chances are likelier that you'll meet someone next week than this week. If you're in a couple and you live together, you'll spend Monday arguing about stuff around the house -- and not in the romantic way. Tuesday and Wednesday, your attitude can be best described as unsure. Don't fret! Things do get better toward the end of the week. Thursday through Saturday you'll have a fantastic time if you strike out on your own -- to a movie, for example. On Sunday, your impulse is to putter. (You're storing up energy for next week.)
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You are in luck. There's a lot in store for you this week, of the one-of-a-kind, get-it-while-it's-good variety. A date on Monday night goes exceptionally well. Whether you two just met or you've been coupled for years, you're excited. So excited that you spend Tuesday and Wednesday revisiting the memory of it, how it all went down, what was said -- overanalyzing it, basically. You can't help it! It's part of your nature to take a close look at things. Thursday through Saturday are romantic to an extreme that defies analysis. Three days! Extreme romance! You can rest on Sunday.
The stars have nothing all that romantic in store for you this week -- except on Sunday. In the meantime, here's what your week looks like: Monday has one of those Monday-appropriate setbacks, something small but symbolic, that could get under your skin if you let it. Don't let it. Tuesday and Wednesday you're looking into something, really pursuing it. And the more you learn about it (or him or her) the more you want to learn. Thursday through Saturday you're making good on some obligations. You have some stuff to take care of before your wild, romantic Sunday.
Monday is so wonderful -- so casually romantic and cute and exhilarating -- that no other day this week lives up to it. So really lean into it; really apply yourself. And if someone says something funny that you'll want to remember later, write it down (or else you'll forget). Tuesday and Wednesday are about as far from being romantic as possible, but Thursday through Saturday have definite romantic potential. Intellectual connection is in the stars. A long, wandering chat about, well, anything at all, while sitting in comfy chairs? Sounds like a perfect idea for a date.
If you have to make a decision about your romantic life, Monday isn't the day to do it. As a matter of fact, Monday isn't the day to make decisions of any importance at all. (Everything is extra-confusing, and what seems like the right thing in the present moment won't seem that way later.) Tuesday and Wednesday you barely have to decide anything, what with your natural energy guiding you in the right direction. Thursday through Saturday your personal life is very influenced by something you've been reading -- a novel, maybe? -- and by someone you think is particularly attractive.
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While romantic love might be hard to come by on Monday, you are certainly loved by your friends -- as they repeatedly tell you (unsolicited, via text message or to your face, or even in cute non-direct ways). Tuesday and Wednesday you're too preoccupied by your dreams lately to really look at the world around you, but Thursday through Saturday find you focused, happy, at the top of your game. Jovial, even. This is you at your most attractive. If you're single, strike out into the world. If you're coupled, do something hilarious with you-know-who.
The challenges you face at work this week are actually pretty interesting, and you're okay with not thinking about your love life for a while. The problem on Monday isn't that you have no energy; you have tons of it, but every time you apply yourself, something goes awry. Tuesday or Wednesday you make an excellent decision. (It will pay off again and again.) Thursday through Saturday you have the sense that what you're trying to get done is impossible. It's not. The best way to describe Sunday is that it's like sliding into home base. And someone might be there waiting to give you a kiss.
If you're single, you'll bond with someone on Monday, and afterward you'll think to yourself, 'I can't believe that just happened.' If you're coupled, you'll bond with your special someone over something completely random. Tuesday and Wednesday are devoid of much bonding at all, what with how quiet you are -- there's a lot on your mind -- but Thursday through Saturday are fantastic and very social. If there's a new person in your social group, pay them some extra attention. You know what it's like to be the newbie. Becoming allies with this person might pay off romantically too. Sunday's for sleeping.
You and you-know-who (a romantic interest? a best pal?) come to blows over something on Monday. Okay, maybe you don't come to blows, but there's a disagreement, and it gets to you. The issue might be money-related. Be even-keeled and fair and don't let anyone walk on you. And keep this attitude up on Tuesday and Wednesday, when people are tramping over each other right and left. Thursday through Saturday are lucky days for you. Although they aren't particularly romantic, if you say the right thing at the right moment the right person might open up like a flower.
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