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Romantic Weekly Horoscope

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Your love life could really pick up speed as the week gets going, so feel free to spur it on! Send some fun and flirtatious messages, whether you're single and looking online or romantically involved and letting your sweetie in on what you're thinking. And note to self: No assumptions now. You'll also want to get a lot done at work and take care of any other obligations on Thursday and Friday, because the weekend looks lovely for love. Get outdoors and get active ASAP -- a good time or a hot date later means getting the heart pumping and getting your glow on now.
Monday's got some serious romantic potential for you, if you can tear yourself away from work, that is. Luckily it's not really a use-it-or-lose-it type of situation; while you may not be as passion-oriented through the remainder of the workweek, you'll find you can relax and be yourself in a way that's charming indeed. You're not inordinately hung up on the future now, if the stars have their say, but at the same time your judgment's sound -- a winning combination when it comes to matters of the heart. This weekend, an important attachment is highlighted. Take good care of it.
You could charm the socks (or other articles of clothing) off pretty much anyone as the week gets going. But focus! Are they impressing you? Are your values in line, if that's something you seek? And don't forget that they'll want to feel like they're getting your undivided attention. Heads up: Don't plan major romantic moments for Thursday or Friday; you'll need to get something straightened out on your own. You can get back to matters of the heart this weekend -- but be aware that others are taking what you're saying to heart, too.
Being faint of heart isn't gonna cut it when it comes to your love life as the week begins. Think about it: You're far more likely to regret what you didn't do than what you did. And the momentum you develop now paves the way for a few days of truly excellent potential on Thursday and Friday. Whether you're coupled up or living the single life, you can transform your romantic situation and your world; just use that amazing imagination (and intensified attraction factor), and you'll get what you deserve this weekend -- in a good way!
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Looks like you're waffling about a matter of the heart as the week gets going. Just when you think you know what you want to do or say, something shifts. Now's a good time to enjoy the supportive company, sense of humor, and (hopefully) sound counsel of friends. Take advantage of your current ability to incorporate all sorts of points of view, and by Thursday and Friday you ought to be more certain of your hopes and desires; your love path. This weekend, the stars give you a big, loving shove down that path, so be ready, hot stuff!
Achieving a balance between intellect and emotion is a tricky business at the beginning of the week. First, there's not getting too carried away with strong (but perhaps fleeting) feelings, nor getting overly analytical; then there's expressing yourself in a way that makes sense but also conveys the contents of your heart. Phew! Interpersonal stuff will look much lighter and easier on Thursday and Friday -- this is the time for enjoying the company of friends or perhaps a certain someone. They're certainly enjoying you! And this weekend, be ready to give someone or something the benefit of the doubt.
You're a natural-born lover at the beginning of the week -- even more so than usual, that is! That knack you've got for sharing your feelings in a winning way is given extra steam by the stars, so don't hesitate. Your kindnesses, both large and small, won't go unnoticed by the universe or a certain someone now. Talk about good love karma! But something gums up the energy around Thursday and Friday -- a misunderstanding? Some plain bad timing? Hang tough. This weekend things look brighter; probably because you're full of bright ideas! Time to make 'em into realities.
Resist complicating romantic matters and taking things to extremes as the week gets going. Love, at its heart, is simple -- unless you really desire drama and nuttiness, do your part to keep it that way. New information about a certain situation, or someone, looks to be coming your way around Thursday and Friday -- or maybe it's just that what you already know is falling into place in a new and meaningful way. Continue to let things evolve, and let yourself be low-key through the weekend. Have confidence in your own charm!
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You're pretty good with the verbiage as the week gets going, but are you walking the walk? Showing that you care -- to a certain someone or the universe as a whole -- is key, and doing so, even in little ways, can make a big difference. Come Thursday and Friday, differences are in the stars when it comes to relationships, whether good, bad or just, well, different. Investigate them rather than ignoring them. The stars will want to send fun, adventure and (yes!) all kinds of happy stuff your way this weekend. Get ready to welcome it, live it and love it.
Monday's the hottest day for you all week, so capitalize on it! If you're single, say hello, online or in real-time; if you're coupled up, how about an impromptu hot date or another sweet surprise? Around Tuesday and Wednesday, the stars loosen up your tongue, and blurting some things out might not be so bad in the context of your love life. Real conversations about real feelings -- let this be your goal (it's reachable!). Then handle interactions with care for the remainder of the week. Be sure to invite a certain someone to explain when you're tempted to jump to conclusions.
You can definitely get your love life going as the week gets started! If there's a change you want to make, the stars help you see a new way to make it. You're open now, and capable of beautiful, funny, and flirty communication. But around Thursday and Friday, something eludes you. Your own thought processes may be obscuring instead of clarifying -- what does your heart say? How about the ol' gut instinct? When the weekend comes, be sure to find a way to break the tension. A breakthrough involving a relationship is possible now, too.
Your poetic side's emphasized by the stars as the week gets going, but whether it's a lyrical sonnet or a naughty limerick (or a bit of both!) is entirely up to you. You're great with sending messages now, but look out for those signals you may not be totally aware of. Thursday and Friday look even better for matters of the heart -- plan your dates and rendezvous accordingly, and don't forget to leave time for the unexpected. This weekend, you can search all you want for more meaning, but all the info you need is already right there.
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