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Romantic Weekly Horoscope

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You're definitely off on the right foot when it comes to romance this week -- in fact, on Monday and Tuesday, your love life can take a giant leap forward. Then around Wednesday and Thursday, it's less about leaping and more about measured, well-thought-out moving forward. No rushing into anything now, whether you're in a relationship or shopping around. By Friday and through most of the weekend, the key to matters of the heart is to step back from your own wishes and desires and work on your love karma. Give of your ample charm, whether to a certain someone or the world at large.
The first couple of days this week may hold some challenges surrounding power -- whether this involves a relationship (or a potential one) is largely up to you. You've got the best kind of power on Wednesday and Thursday: The power of love. A new connection can grow now, or an existing one can grow stronger. As for the weekend, any effort you make to bust out of your routine can lead to some powerful excitement. Different activities are fun now, whether you're meeting new people or doing something off-the-wall with a certain someone.
You're a real brainiac at the beginning of the week, and anyone sharp enough for you knows that smarts are darn sexy. If you've got a sweetheart, the witty repartee's likely flying; if not, engaging in a hot little debate with someone is tons of fun. Take care around Wednesday and Thursday when it comes to communication of the romantic variety -- you're not being quite as clear as usual, and you might even say something you don't mean. Love's definitely in the air for you from Friday through Sunday, and getting things started is no problem. Just don't forget to follow through!
An impulse could suddenly ambush you on Monday or Tuesday, and it just might be one of the romantic variety. Will you act on it? Why the heck not? Let your defenses down for a moment and see what happens. Midweek is a good time to make plans -- and, for singletons, a good time to make connections. Get your online dating profile or social networking page all spiffed up, and send some cuties clever messages. This weekend, on the other hand, you might want to postpone making bold overtures -- or, if you're coupled up, starting new projects together. See what unfolds first.
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You say 'hello!' to romance right off the bat this week! You're getting some serious star power on Monday and Tuesday, so if you've got a honey, they're bound to be starry-eyed, and if you're shopping around, there should be some intriguing possibilities. It's back down to planet Earth midweek, though; you might need to think something over or rethink a romantic plan. Remember, there's nothing wrong with changing your mind. Then, from Friday through Sunday, the universe is once again beaming the big-time love vibes directly to you. It's a stellar weekend, and you're just plain hot.
Someone may be trying to push you one way or another at the beginning of the week, but have confidence in your romantic instincts. You know what feels right, and there really shouldn't be any rush. On Wednesday and Thursday, your sparkling wit, lovely charm and emotional warmth are all highlighted -- simply put, you're hot as heck. Plan dates for these nights or put yourself at the center of a social scene. The weekend's fun, too, but there's also a deeper element to be mined. A discussion about what's really important -- including, of course, love -- is very revealing.
If you've got a sweetie, they're likely seeking some of your excellent advice at the beginning of the week -- throw in a little extra TLC along with any pearls of wisdom you provide. Singletons who get out and about in an active way could meet some interesting people now. On Wednesday or Thursday, life's various details could overwhelm you, leaving scant energy for the love department. Lay low and rest up -- you'll want to be in top form starting Friday and all the way through a fabulous weekend. Talk about attractive -- you're the magnet, and everyone else is the steel.
Yes, you're hot stuff, but at the beginning of the week you get your best results by modestly letting them figure it out for themselves. You also want to find a way to de-stress; it's taxing being so across-the-board splendid. Wednesday and Thursday are calmer for you, and time laughing with friends is in order. Bonus: A romantic plan you make now is smiled on by the stars. This weekend, if you've got a choice to make in your love life, it ain't gonna be easy. Take time to think, and be patient with yourself.
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Your world's a fun, funny place to be at the beginning of the week. If you've got a sweetheart, they're loving being a part of your universe; and if you're single, the universe is loving you. The mood's a little different around Wednesday and Thursday -- in fact, you could be a little testy. Some solo time may be in order, for your sake and theirs. From Friday through the weekend, though, it would be a shame to deprive the planet -- and a certain occupant thereof -- of your star power. Make a romantic wish, and say it out loud!
You might encounter some challenges as the week begins. They're more likely in the work sphere, but they don't leave much time left over for matters of the heart. By Wednesday and Thursday, however, you're back on firm footing and very capable of multitasking when it comes to romance -- apply your energy to some love research, planning and networking. You can certainly accomplish a lot now! This weekend, the stars favor taking the initiative. If you're single, don't hesitate to strike up a conversation; for the coupled up, it's a good time to start a project together.
If you're in a relationship, that independent spirit of yours means a compromise needs to be made at the beginning of the week; singletons may be in an experimental stage. Around Wednesday or Thursday, you likely calm down a bit, which allows you to make a closer examination of a few pertinent details of your love life. Little things count now! If you purposely turn up your personal warmth this weekend -- making eye contact, asking questions, heck, flirting a bit -- you'll get some hot results.
Work or health matters take up your time and energy on Monday and Tuesday; get the former under control and take care of the latter. You can then concentrate on some more interesting stuff, like a relationship or a potential one that's demanding attention midweek. It could be time to take a leap of faith -- in yourself or a certain someone. You're in charge of your romantic destiny this weekend, so choose your path and get going on it. With your help, matters of the heart will change in a very positive way.
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