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Romantic Weekly Horoscope

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Monday's not the most romantic day of the week, but it's great for fitting in some exercise. That will help you retain your glow and keep those endorphins flowing. Decision-making on Tuesday and Wednesday involves thinking beyond your own hopes and desires -- how does it all fit together in the bigger picture? Seriously consider a certain someone's point of view. Starting Thursday, make a conscious effort to renew -- divest yourself of some old ways of thinking and truly process your feelings. By Sunday, you're ready for forward movement and some romantic action!
Monday's sending you the kind of sweet-hot energy that makes you so, so lovable. Set up an impromptu hot date 'tout de suite,' or at least make some interesting plans for later in the week. That means after Tuesday and Wednesday, since these days are better for progress at work or personal projects. Starting Thursday and lasting through the weekend, romantic stuff can really get interesting -- intense, deep, passionate. Keep your wits about you by taking good care of yourself! You'll only want to get carried away so far -- making good choices is still key.
Correspondence is in the stars on Monday, so how about sending a little note -- to your sweetie if you've got one, or to a potential one (or more!) online if you're shopping around? Tuesday and Wednesday find you sharp as a tack and sexy as heck, a winning combination, so plan your social schedule accordingly. Starting Thursday and lasting through the weekend, however, the mysterious forces of love require your concentration, your analysis and your insight. It's totally worth it to quiet down and tune in.
Make or reinforce a love connection on Monday. You're extra adept with sweet little communiques, so let your honey know you care or reach out to someone new, depending on your circumstances. Things and people aren't quite what they seem on Tuesday and Wednesday -- when it comes to romance, ask a pertinent question. Starting Thursday and through the weekend, you're a little sensitive (or could that be oversensitive?). Don't be passive, though; make your needs known, be ready to give and take especially good care of yourself, too.
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Looks like you're reconsidering something (or someone) in the realm of romance on Monday. Good for you for thinking it through. On Tuesday and Wednesday, you put love in the forefront and you first. And there's time for whomever you choose to share your feelings and spend time with, of course. Not everything's on the surface, though, starting Thursday, and you might be surprised by what you find when you look deeper -- into a relationship or a potential one, into the depths of your own feelings. Sunday's a party, whether it's a big bash with friends or a smaller, more intimate affair -- enjoy it. You're hot!
Whatever you start on Monday is given a major boost by the stars, so how about directing some efforts toward the love department? Around Tuesday and Wednesday, you've got something to get off your chest, but you're bound to be choosy about whom you have a heart-to-heart with. Find the right person and it'll be meaningful indeed. Starting Thursday and lasting through the weekend, you may not get what you're expecting, and you'll need to listen closely to hear what others are really saying. If you feel restless, ask yourself why.
You've got superpowers of perception on Monday. What will you figure out regarding matters of the heart? On Tuesday and Wednesday, you're generally pretty super. Expect additional attention, and give some out, too -- you're so fun to talk to, everybody wants more of you. Starting Thursday, change is in the air, and the way to make it positive is to avoid fixating on yourself and what you want out of it. By Sunday, expressing your feelings comes naturally, and exploring what's new -- or who's new -- feels fantastic.
Are you ready for romance? Monday's the day to get some stuff under way -- make some connections online if you're single, or plan a hot date with your honey for later in the week if you're coupled up. Leave some time to think on Tuesday and Wednesday, or better yet, plan to talk with a friend. A little outside perspective helps immeasurably now. Then, on Thursday, Friday and Saturday, it's all about action. You're hot, and everyone knows it -- if love's a priority for you now, its powers are definitely working for you. Slow it down on Sunday, though, or risk feeling burnt out.
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If you've got a sweetheart, you might want to give them Monday off -- your independent side's first and foremost now. But Tuesday and Wednesday likely find you at the center of a group or maybe the nexus of a network, loved by one and all (and one in particular, perhaps!). Don't be afraid to say what you want now; it's the first step to getting it, after all. You're much more in your own head starting Thursday -- you're engaged with your feelings and your imagination, too. Relax and enjoy. By Sunday, you're ready to explore again, and you're looking great doing it.
You may be in fact-finding mode on Monday, but facts themselves can be elusive in the realm of romance. On Tuesday and Wednesday, a certain connection takes extra finesse -- or maybe the timing's just a little off at the moment. While you like to meet a challenge head-on, this one may require a wait-and-see approach. Your personal power is prodigious from Thursday through the weekend, so if you choose to turn it toward love, things might truly get passionate. Watch, too, for a helpful piece of advice or a meaningful sign now.
Do what helps you get in tune with yourself on Monday. A yoga class, listening to music, whatever works -- your inner peace shines through on Tuesday and Wednesday, signaling the world that you're ready for something new. Take a proactive step vis-a-vis romance now -- email some online prospects, deepen an existing connection, work it through. Then, while your energy's low-key for a couple of days, fit in social time, too. By Sunday, an expansive feeling returns, and something rather interesting may be revealed.
Interpersonal stuff's very much in the forefront on Monday, and the stars are urging you to take some sort of plunge. Are you ready? If not now, when? Around Tuesday and Wednesday, reenvisioning the romantic angle is favored. A new, improved outlook -- and the hopes and dreams to go with it -- are a distinct possibility. Make it happen! Starting Thursday, though, your emotions may be high one moment and low the next. Seek a balance in your lifestyle rather than going to extremes, and by Sunday, it'll all even out beautifully.
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