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Sarah Silverman Equal Pay Video

Sarah Silverman Is Willing to Take Drastic Action to Get Equal Pay For Women

Sarah Silverman — comedienne, writer, and self-proclaimed "vagina owner" — is not happy about the fact that women earn only about 78 cents to the dollar in comparison to men. She says that every year, women lose about $11,000 due to the wage gap, and Silverman, much like the majority of the female population, is getting kind of sick of these statistics. In this video, she decides that the only way to tackle the issue is to do something pretty dramatic: become a man, literally. She hilariously goes through the process of picking out the perfect penis, all the while shedding some serious light on the reality of employment and wage discrimination women face.

While becoming an actual dude is one way to solve the problem of the "vagina tax" (as Silverman calls it), another way is to donate to the campaign she is working with, Equal Payback Project, which is attempting to close the wage gap by crowdfunding $29,811,746,430,000 — the amount that women are cheated out of by being paid $500,000 less than men throughout their careers. Since it's a pretty steep number to match, if the goal isn't reached, then whatever is donated will go to the National Women's Law Center. Watch the video to find out more about the wage gap, and see Sarah say farewell to her lady parts.

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