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Saturday Horoscopes

Today's horoscopes come from our partner

Mar 21 - Apr 19
Apr 20 - May 20
May 21 - June 21
June 22nd - July 22nd
You need to open up a bit more toward one special person in your life -- you may be missing out on some subtle signal they are trying to send you! Your own projects can wait a bit longer.
Have fun with your friends and coworkers -- pretty much everyone you have to deal with should be in a good mood as long as you're around. You don't have to start a conga line, but you never know what could happen.
Your love life is peaking now -- even if it doesn't feel like it! Maybe you're just about to meet the right person. Or maybe your partner is about to turn a corner toward something that should be great for both of you.
Partnership -- romantic, business or any other kind -- can be difficult, but it is almost always worthwhile. Today, it requires more work than usual from you, but you can pull it off.
July 23 - Aug 22
Aug 23 - Sept 22
Sept 23 - Oct 22
Oct 23 - Nov 21
Have you been putting off a purchase -- especially one related to tech gear -- for a while? Now is the time to put the money on the table, as waiting longer just diminishes the value you get.
It's quite difficult for you to make up your mind about anything today -- but that just means that you're justified in putting off bid decisions for a while longer. You need more time to think!
Your high energy levels are exhilarating -- but make sure that you don't exhaust any off your friend or family! You are pretty sensitive to others' needs, but on a day like today, you might forget to check.
Someone is trying to get closer to you, but you're not ready for intimacy just now. It's one of those days when you need to do things your way, so try to reassure them if you think they need reassurance.
Nov 22 - Dec 21
Dec 22 - Jan 19
Jan 20 - Feb 18
Feb 19 - Mar 20
It's a good day to check in with more distant associates -- friends of friends, colleagues you rarely see and the like. You've got a thicker network than you realize and you need to make the most of it!
One of your deeper assumptions is challenged today -- maybe by someone who doesn't really know what they're talking about. You still have to defend it, though or possibly shift your thinking.
You are in the mood for a little change -- nothing drastic, but just enough to show yourself that things don't always have to stay the same. It's a good time to explore new possibilities.
You and your family are looking at money in a new way and it might be a good time for you to revisit your budget -- or draw one up, if you've never done so before. It's a good day for new starts.
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