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Valentine's Day
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Valentine's Day
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Strangers Find Woman's Lost Wedding Ring in Sand Dune

After a Woman Lost Her Wedding Ring in a Sand Dune, Something Incredible Happened

When Elizabeth Docherty and her husband Jason were traveling in June, she had a sudden realization that no woman wants to have: her wedding ring was gone.

The couple from Australia was enjoying a babymoon and their wedding anniversary when Elizabeth realized her finger was bare as she was taking photos. To make matters worse, the couple was visiting the Simpson Desert, which is the world's largest sand-dunes desert and located in central Australia.

"We took a photo of the bottom of the sand dune, and you can see the ring on my finger," she told the ABC. "I've walked up the sand dune and taken a photo, and I've realized it's gone."


Elizabeth wasn't able to find her ring before they left and assumed that she would never see the meaningful piece of jewelry again. However, months later, a traveler not only found her ring but immediately took it to local police. The Birdsville Police Station tried to track down the gemstone's owner, and within hours of posting on Facebook, Elizabeth's sister-in-law happened to see their post. She tagged Elizabeth in their message, and to everyone's surprise, it was indeed her missing ring.

"You walk that sand dune — and you walk 10 meters, and you don't know which way you've just come from. It's huge. I cannot believe someone's found it in the magnitude of sand that's there," she said. "I can't even fathom that someone has found it, let alone handed it in."

Elizabeth explained that her fingers have been swelling up and down during her pregnancy and plans to use personal photos to confirm with police that she is the ring's rightful owner. "As you can imagine, I'm pretty emotional as it is these days," she said. "To everyone that shared it and commented, every single person did something to get that towards me, so thank you so much."

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