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Stupid Things You'll Do in Your 20s

33 Stupid Things You'll Do by 33

I've done some stupid things, and I will continue to do them, because here's the secret: turning 30 doesn't make you an "adult." You don't wake up on your 30th birthday with some great epiphany that you've suddenly figured it all out. Hopefully, you figure some things out. Hopefully, you're marginally better at "adulting" in your 30s than in your 20s. But it's OK to give yourself some wiggle room when it comes to having your sh*t together. So here are some of the mistakes you will probably make in your 20s, and maybe into your 30s (trust me on this), and that's OK. Accept the imperfections, learn a lesson or two, and move on.

  1. Put a fork in the microwave.
  2. Send a TMI reply all email.
  3. Miss a flight.
  4. Get bangs.
  5. Drop your phone in the toilet.
  6. Forget to eat and fly into a hangry rage.
  7. Sleep with someone you shouldn't.
  8. Say something hurtful to your best friend.
  9. Procrastinate on an important project.
  10. Get caught up in gossip.
  11. Get back together with a toxic ex.
  12. Skip a once-in-a-lifetime trip.
  13. Get a parking and/or speeding ticket.
  14. Spend too much money on a trendy item of clothing.
  15. Drink so much you throw up.
  16. Delete something important.
  17. Send a drunk text to an ex.
  18. Lose your wallet or purse.
  19. Yell at your significant other for no reason.
  20. Sleep in and miss a meeting.
  21. Get in a car accident because you weren't paying attention.
  22. Get a really bad sunburn.
  23. Not call your parents enough.
  24. Forget to get your passport renewed before a trip.
  25. Cut your finger or burn yourself while cooking.
  26. Break up with someone you love.
  27. Forget to pay your credit card bill.
  28. Ignore your friends when you start dating someone.
  29. Take too many Ubers.
  30. Get a bad tattoo.
  31. Buy jeans that are a size too small.
  32. Walk by yourself at night with headphones in.
  33. Get bangs again because you think THIS time they'll look good.
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