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Tess Holliday's Tweet on Scented Vaginal Sprays

Why Tess Holliday Won't Be Trying Scented Vaginal Sprays: "My P*ssy Comes as Is"

For those who might be wondering, Tess Holliday's vagina doesn't smell like local flowers, an orchard, or anything other than its natural self. Despite a variety of products intended to "improve" a woman's feminine odor, this mother of one will take the time to worry about whether her genitals smell fruity or floral enough only when guys are met with the same pressure.

"Saw an ad for peach vaginal spray. Where is the men's dick freshener? My p*ssy comes AS IS," she tweeted. "I ain't smellin like an orchard bc ur a baby."

The model refuses to feel pressured into believing that there is anything wrong with her vagina (or how it smells) just the way it is. "Ain't happening," she captioned an additional post on Instagram. "Also let me clarify and say I'm all about our choices to do whatever we want with our bodies! However when I see all this marketing towards women on not having 'smelly' vaginas that's corporate BS from men who think we are around just for their pleasure."

Although Tess rejects these products as unrealistic standards for a woman's body, she wants to be clear that her opinion isn't intended to slam those who are down to give these feminine hygiene products a try. Instead, she hopes to empower every woman to rock whatever scent she likes — whether it's sprayed or natural. "Lastly if you wanna smell like a fruit basket then DO YOU, but it's totally okay/healthy to embrace your naturalness," she added.

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