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Things to Ask Your Future Roommate

15 Things to Ask Your Potential Roommate Before You Sign a Lease

Choosing a roommate is an age-old dilemma. They'll start to know you better than most people in your life, for better or for worse. There are some things you just can't hide from your roommate and vice versa. Dear Wendy has the 15 essential questions you need to ask your potential roomie before making the final decision.

I got the following email from a reader: "On your weekend open thread I saw one of the girls was moving in with her best friend, and I'm sure plenty of the readers have moved in with 'friends' or someone they LOVED to hang out with but who later drove them bonkers. I think it would be interesting to see a list of things to talk about before you become roommates with a person." Well, ask and you shall receive (um, sometimes . . . ); here are 15 things to ask your potential roommate before you sign a lease together.

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  1. "Toilet paper: under or over?"
  2. "Will your significant other be a significant presence in our home?"
  3. "Morning showers or evening showers?"
  4. "Reality TV marathons: yay or nay?"
  5. "So, how are we going to divvy household chores?"
  6. "What's your ideal indoor temperature?"
  7. "How do you feel about heavy metal on Sunday mornings?"

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  1. "How often do you think a bathroom should be cleaned?"
  2. "Is your job stable, and if not, do you have an emergency fund to cover bills?"
  3. "Can I borrow your blue Nanette Lepore dress some time?"
  4. "You were planning to get rid of your pink floral couch, right?"
  5. "How do you feel about throwing parties?"
  6. "How do you feel about pet dust bunnies?"
  7. "Sharing groceries: yes or no?"
  8. "Are you a, what's the word, ho?"
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