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24 Things Married Women Secretly Miss About Being Single

Marriage is great . . . most of the time. Hey, real life isn't a rom-com — nothing's perfect. There are both perks to being married and times when you feel like you're going crazy. And that goes for being single as well. But when you're married, you can't help but sometimes reminisce about the "good ol' days" of being unattached. Just like you can't help but miss how good you looked in college even though you'd take having a stable job and furniture that didn't come from Ikea over pulling all-nighters and living in a dorm room any day.

I reached out to some real married women to find out what they miss the most about being single, and here's what we came up with.

  1. Having one more "experience" with your ex.
  2. Having total control of the TV remote.
  3. Hitting on guys while day drinking with my girlfriends.
  4. Only having to clean up after myself.
  5. Dancing with a cute stranger.
  6. Having a clean bathroom.
  7. Telling your friends stories about a hot and/or ridiculous hookup.
  8. Flirting and the excitement of a new crush.
  9. Having my own bathroom.
  10. The excitement of possibly meeting someone new at a party or bar.
  11. Being left alone at the end of a long day.
  12. Living with your best girlfriend(s).
  13. Getting dressed up to go out for the purpose of finding someone to make out with (or, you know).
  14. Being alone in my house and my bed.
  15. Not having to answer questions about my shopping habits.
  16. The butterflies that come with first kisses.
  17. Free drinks from strangers, especially good scotch.
  18. Sleepovers with your BFFs.
  19. Sharing clothes with your roommate.
  20. Ordering an XL pizza for yourself and not having anyone know about it.
  21. Picking the movie every night.
  22. A DVR filled with only what you watch.
  23. Going out several nights in a row without being judged for it.
  24. Taking friends or co-workers up on last-minute plans.
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