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Thursday Horoscopes

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Mar 21 - Apr 19
Apr 20 - May 20
May 21 - June 21
June 22nd - July 22nd
Nothing is more important than your health -- and today brings you a new way to handle any issues you're experiencing. Things should start to get really interesting toward the end of the day!
Your emotional attachments are making life sweeter today -- so make sure that you're showing your people how you really feel. Things are great, but you can make the even better.
Someone you don't much care for is sticking their nose into your business -- and you need to push back! It may feel a bit weird to shut the doors on a human connection, but it's worth it this time.
It's a great day to make plans and see if they can stick. The good news is that your mental energy is up to the task, no matter how complex it may seem at first. Push yourself in a bold new direction.
July 23 - Aug 22
Aug 23 - Sept 22
Sept 23 - Oct 22
Oct 23 - Nov 21
You are starting to rethink things -- and you may find that you're not entirely sure what's coming next. Your energy is just about to reset itself back to full, so get ready for a big burst!
Your mind clicks and starts to engage with the situation in a new way -- and you suddenly get it! Everything makes a lot more sense, and you should be able to tackle this with a new energy.
You are feeling totally independent today -- which may be a bit unusual. Work it! Take care of your own business and lay the groundwork for something big and new and wonderful.
You've got to deal with something that's small and weird today -- maybe a kid, but more likely just an oddball problem that won't go away without your attention. You can tackle it with ease!
Nov 22 - Dec 21
Dec 22 - Jan 19
Jan 20 - Feb 18
Feb 19 - Mar 20
This is not a good time for you to ask for any special favors -- especially from the boss or a teacher. Your energy is best spent on the task at hand. You can deal with future possibilities in a few days.
You feel much more grounded today -- and connected with the people around you. It's a good time for you to strengthen your team or just hang out with your family and enjoy what you've got.
You've got to take a second or third look at this situation -- things just aren't what they seem to be. Your mental energy is just right for re-evaluating plans and correcting your course.
You don't have to hold yourself to a high standard today -- in fact, you may just need to get moving. Try to simply take action without overthinking things and you should find yourself much happier.
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