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Thursday Horoscopes

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Mar 21 - Apr 19
Apr 20 - May 20
May 21 - June 21
June 22nd - July 22nd
You may find yourself somewhat frustrated with all the little details today -- so do something about them! That could mean slicing through the Gordian knot or paying someone else to do it.
You're feeling deep affection for someone new -- or maybe a re-ignition of those old feelings that used to burn so brightly. You feel stable enough to take advantage of this without going overboard.
Your bills may be piling up faster than you can send them out -- but today gives you the peace, calm, and willingness to confront them. Even if you have to ask for extensions, you're better off dealing directly.
Your brainy powers are fully active today, so you ought to be able to get others to see what time it is. In fact, you may be able to devise a new system of keeping track of your hours!
July 23 - Aug 22
Aug 23 - Sept 22
Sept 23 - Oct 22
Oct 23 - Nov 21
You may surprise your people by saying no to a no-brainer invite -- but you just feel the urge to spend some time alone today. Reassure them that they're not losing you forever, just for the afternoon.
Your energy is near-perfect for making life easier today, so tidy up a bit or clear your path for future progress. You know you need to do the groundwork before you can really shine!
You're feeling the urge to socialize -- which in itself isn't really surprising. Your choice of company may raise eyebrows, depending on who's in on it, but that's really all part of the fun!
You're tuned in to the zeitgeist today, and should be getting signals from all over that can help you make sense of what is really going on. You may need to get a friend to help you process it all.
Nov 22 - Dec 21
Dec 22 - Jan 19
Jan 20 - Feb 18
Feb 19 - Mar 20
People are kind of driving you nuts today, but that's not the worst thing in the world. In fact, you should try to get along with them as much as possible, because bridges burned today stay burned.
You need to share the news with someone you haven't seen in a while -- maybe an old friend or a distant family member. Even if you're not sure how to reach them anymore, you can get past little obstacles.
Those around you seem to be operating on different assumptions than you are, and that could be bad news for them -- and you, unfortunately! There's not much you can do about it until a day or two have passed.
You're feeling a bit introspective and thoughtful today, but that doesn't mean you can't get anything done! In fact, you may be able to solve a thorny problem that has been troubling you recently.
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