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What Is Boot Bae?

Every GF Who's Made a Woman Swerve From Her Man Will Understand Boot Bae

We're not even two months into 2017, and we already have a plethora of new internet "baes" to keep track of. First there was Salt Bae, whose sensual meat-salting skills spurred a gloriously extra meme. Then came Hurt Bae, who made our hearts weep when her ex-boyfriend explained his cheating ways to her face in a viral video. And now Boot Bae is taking the internet by storm for her expert technique for defending her man from another woman.

The video below shows Boot Bae in action, as she lifts her knee-high boot to guard her man from another woman walking toward them.

The internet quickly took note of this woman's badass use of her boot as a defense mechanism, as the video went totally viral. Naturally, the hilarious reactions and memes rolled in soon after . . . followed by a shocking plot twist that no one saw coming.

There were lots of funny comparisons to Boot Bae's leg-sweeping.

Others couldn't help but focus on the poor guy who was stuck in the middle of it all — and his semiquestionable outfit choice.

And then the biggest plot twist of them all . . . It looks like the woman actually wasn't going after her BF after all!

And people couldn't resist chiming in on this surprise ending.

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