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What Is RingBySpring.Com?

Brace Yourselves; Exists

If you attended a "ring by Spring" college like myself, you know that encouraging, soul-crushing pressure to find your one and only during your four-year stint of higher education. And if you thought getting your MRS degree was an antiquated cliché of days past, think again. is now a real website, and it could be coming to a college near you. I know this because, guess what, my university is among those involved. Ring By Spring describes itself thusly:

"We believe in dating with a purpose. That means having a meaningful and committed relationship. That is why we created a safe alternative for singles to find friendship and a real relationship with someone at their own school."

The free, student-run website is essentially a college-based online dating site, with the added dimension of finding the person you will marry. This is definitely not Tinder. But besides the double-take name — that brings back the cold sweats of collegiate desperation — the concept of narrowing your dating pool to your classmates isn't a terrible idea. But enough about what I think of it; what are your thoughts?

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