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Say Goodbye to Boring Wedding Favors — This Fun Option Lets Your Guests Choose

It can be hard to find a wedding favor your guests will actually use. With so many different attendees with varying tastes and styles, how do you choose just one thank-you gift for everyone? Stuffing welcome bags isn't the most efficient option, either. If you want people leaving with something they won't immediately toss, consider gifting lounges. They're less work for you and more fun for your guests.

Etsy's Trend Preview discovered a shift toward investing more on fewer guests. In line with this idea, gifting lounges allow guests to choose their own goodies from a curated selection. Guests can fill a personalized tote or other container with items from the spread, which can include custom treats, favors that align with the wedding theme, or any other memorable items — the possibilities are endless. It makes the guest experience more personalized and helps ensure that they're leaving with what they want.

With the ease of this wedding favor alternative, we wouldn't be surprised if more weddings began to feature gifting lounges.

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