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What Is Your Financial Personality

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Money has a huge impact on relationships, so we've partnered with New York Life to get you and your partner on the same financial page.

We know so much about our partners, from their family backgrounds and their quirks to their favorite and not-so-favorite things. But their financial attitudes, behavior patterns, and goals tend to be more of a mystery. Speaking the same "financial language" can have a huge impact on any partnership. Before you and your significant other merge your lives, take our quiz independently (no peeking!) then find out how you both stack up. With advice and solutions from New York Life, we'll show you how to work, spend, save, and plan together for happily ever after.

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You or your partner get a $10,000 bonus out of the blue. You . . .

Add it to your retirement savings account.
Invest it in the stock market.
Pay off your highest-interest credit card.
Buy a brand-new car.
Take a friend on vacation (she's having a tough time).
Donate to your favorite charity.

What are your retirement finances like?

Does karma count?
A healthy, private nest egg.
Several funds or a substantial 401K.
Hoping for a miracle!
Minimal, but it's on your to-do list.
Planning to move somewhere cheap.

What's the biggest financial priority for you and your partner?

Early retirement.
The security of those you love.
Owning property.
Achieving zero debt.
A two-week trip to Europe.
Owning your own business.

What's your biggest financial regret?

Cashing in a 401K.
Not asking for a big enough raise.
Not buying shares in a hot company.
Not having a college fund.
Maxing out credit cards.
Taking bad financial advice.

Complete this sentence: "Saving is . . ."

Essential to living securely.
The key to living with conviction.
Just one way to ensure financial security.
Not as important as immediate comfort.
Something that you wished you'd valued earlier.
Something you'll get around to someday.