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Why You Should Take a Break From Dating

4 Reasons It's OK to Ghost All the Guys You've Been Dating

2016 has been one mindf*ck of a year for a lot of us. Losing some of our most cherished celebrities (RIP, Bowie), world atrocities like the conflict in Syria, a disaster of an election . . . I feel like 2016 might actually be cursed. Dating in 2016 has also been a personal nightmare for me, so here's why I've decided it's OK to ghost all the guys you're dating for the rest of the year. And by ghosting, I mean no response to any form of communication — text, snap, DMs, calls, etc. Here's some reasons to go radio silent.

1. You're attracting the wrong type of guy

You might have come to realize recently that nothing is going anywhere with any of the guys that you entertain. Whether it's because you've recognized some red flags, they're not emotionally available, or you just don't really like them, pursuing anything at this point is just wasting more of your time. Until you can figure out what it is that's attracting these types of guys to you, you need to stop the cycle.

2. You can refocus on yourself

I'm a true believer that the universe gives you what you're ready for. The end of this year has been tough for me, and I've definitely neglected my normal self-care routine, and have not been feeling myself the way I usually do. When you don't feel the best about yourself, you're more willing to accept less than the best treatment from others, and this is something I'm not willing to compromise on. Working on becoming the best version of yourself will help you regain your confidence and, eventually, attract the right type of guy.


3. You can start fresh for the New Year

Since becoming single over two years ago, I've set a strict rule for myself — if someone doesn't add something really special to my life that I don't already have, then it doesn't deserve my time or energy. I'm so lucky to have fulfilling relationships with my friends, family, and co-workers, so I don't really need anything romantic. If you're not getting anything meaningful or fulfilling out of the temporary men in your life, you need to clear space for something real.

4. You'll be able to nurture your IRL relationships

It's easy to forget how much time digital "relationships" take up. Swiping through Bumble, snapping back and forth for hours, texting all day about nothing. When you're dating or interacting with multiple men, it can really waste a lot of time. Ghosting everyone frees you up to spend the holidays focusing on the relationships that really matter to you. Sometimes I feel guilty or mean for cutting these people off, but I really can't stand to get one more unsolicited d*ck pic in 2016.

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