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Woman Singing Every Lyric From Beauty and the Beast

Woman Proves You Should Never Doubt a '90s Kid and Their Disney Knowledge

Everyone has that special movie, the one that they love so much and have seen so many times that they can recite every line word for word. For Disney fans, this most likely includes every song lyric too, and one woman isn't afraid to prove it.

Born in the '90s, Lauren Michelle Mazur grew up watching Beauty and the Beast, and her love for this enchanting movie only grew stronger with time. Recently, this millennial bragged about being able to recite every scene from this Disney classic and her family foolishly bet against her.

Lauren eagerly accepted the challenge and left everyone speechless with her incredible one-woman performance of Beauty and the Beast to Disney karaoke. "Lauren's going to kill me because she didn't know I was secretly taping her with my phone," her mom shared on Facebook. "I'm sorry Lauren, but this is funny! There were no lyrics and she did it all by memory!"


Check out her viral rendition that deserves some serious applause.

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