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Worst Tinder Date

First Is the Worst: The True Story of a Terrible Tinder Date

Worst Tinder Date
Image Source: The CW

I recently went out on my first Tinder date. I asked him out, mostly because he didn't open with "Can I spread Nutella all over your body," which yes, some other gentleman did propose. We had both right-swiped each other (Tinder speak for approving the person to contact you) and begun texting shortly after. He had two jobs, loved biking and burritos — hey, I like one of those things, too! — and he seemed really driven. There were small red flags, like when I suggested he look at something on Reddit, he said he wasn't interested because he didn't like wasting time on the Internet. That's literally all I do, but whatever, we could get past this.

To be perfectly honest, I'm flawed too: I don't drink alcohol (a deal-breaker for many young daters), sometimes I Febreze myself instead of showering, and I have no desire to go skydiving, ever. But I also have a great job, an OK sense of humor, and I've been told I'm cute by people other than my mother. So who's to say we couldn't be a match, right? Well, here's what happened. This is completely true.

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