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Alice in Wonderland Halloween Photo Shoot

This "Alice in Underland"-Style Shoot Features a Twisted Tea Party and an Actual Wolf

Alice in Wonderland Halloween Photo Shoot
Image Source: Star Noir Studio

Alice in Wonderland is a beloved story, but this styled photo shoot re-creates the classic tale with a spooky twist, and it is hauntingly beautiful! In October 2019, photographer Chastidyi Parrott partnered with makeup artist Amanda McKnight to create this scary styled shoot. A lot of hard work went into this project, which was centered around the theme "Alice in Underland" — and it definitely lives up to it!

This eerie yet glamorous shoot is filled with steampunk elements, especially in the wardrobe and styling choices for the characters. Amanda's apocalyptic makeup looks took the shoot to the next level — she went all out and created chilling looks for all the characters that included special effects. For instance, the Queen of Hearts had gashes on her face and shoulders with playing cards stuck onto them, which is one of many small details that added depth to this shoot.

Perhaps the most impressive part of this shoot was the inclusion of a wolf — yes, you read that right, a real-live wolf! "We were excited to bring in a live wolf for this one. That was probably my favorite part of the shoot (aside from the amazing makeup)," Chastidyi said. "The wolf was super sweet, and got really excited about the creamer in one of the bowls on the table. He dug his entire snout into it. It was adorable." All the models were shocked when the wolf leaped on to the table and Chastidyi captured this amazing moment! Keep reading to see it for yourself.

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