Dating? See the Best and Worst Zodiac Matches According to Astrologer Valerie Mesa

Even if you don't live by horoscopes and don't pay too much attention to the moon phases, zodiac signs can say a lot about your character, how you behave socially, or even sexually. That is why, for many, astrological signs can be a factor to consider or even a dealbreaker when meeting someone new. So, how to make the most of astrology when you're on dating apps? We talked to Valerie Mesa, resident astrologer at Chispa — a dating app for Latinxs — and her answers gave us hope!

POPSUGAR: What sign has it best when it comes to love this year?

Valerie Mesa: A lot of Cancers are in the process of solidifying their relationships, even if that means walking away from a significant other that no longer serves them. So, while coupled Cancers decide to take things to the next level between now and the remainder of the year, single Cancers could get lucky and meet someone that piques their interest during the Scorpio season. Now would be an excellent time to download a dating app, especially since Cancers are all about home, family, and meaningful connections.

PS: How can people benefit from astrology when trying to meet someone?

VM: Getting to know yourself through the lens of astrology can make you feel a lot more confident when connecting with a potential match. For instance, exploring your Venus sign — the planet of love, beauty, and abundance — will not only give you more clarity on your values but also validate your unique charm and power of seduction. Exploring your birth chart is an excellent way to cultivate self-awareness, and there's nothing more attractive than someone who is self-aware with their approach.

PS: Which zodiac signs are the least compatible?

VM: It depends on the synergy between the two individual birth charts, as there are other components to consider. You are not just your sun sign, that's barely scratching the surface. [Having said that,] the worst match is Leo with Capricorn. Leo wants love, affection, praise and passion, but Capricorn has "more important things" to worry about. Leo looks for the joy in every experience, while Capricorn is pragmatic and ruthlessly determined to succeed. These signs have different priorities.

PS: And the most compatible?

VM: That would be Aries with Leo. These fire signs revel in the thrill, spontaneity, and adventure. They're equally passionate, romantic, and fast-paced, especially when it comes to the things they love most. Romantically, this is a cosmic pairing, and in more ways than one.

PS: How can Mercury retrograde affect your match-searching plans?

VM: I don't suggest to start anything new during Mercury retrograde. If anything, this is a time to reflect, review, and re-assess things. Exes could resurface, along with pending conversations, so it's best to use this transit for closure. However, don't let this stifle your chance with a potential prospect. Take things slowly, and get to know each other. Mercury retrograde never ceases to catch people off guard so that you might learn something important in the process.

PS: How is it looking when it comes to love for the remainder of the year?

VM: 2020 is the year of making it or breaking it, in every sense of the word. Astrologically, this year has repeatedly challenged us to get to the bottom of the barrel in terms of foundations, belief systems, values, and structure. Relationships hanging by a thread will not survive the rest of the year as there will be no room for injustice, dishonesty, or karmic patterns you've evolved from. It is the beginning of a brand-new era, and the collective is already shifting into a completely different paradigm.