Liz and Molly's "Confetti Color Love Extravaganza" Might Just Be Our Favorite Wedding of the Year

From Summer camp to acai bowls, Liz and Molly's love story is romantic, sweet, and fun — and their joy-filled big day is sure to put a smile on your face with its beautiful details, meaningful moments, and copious amount of confetti.

Liz and Molly met as Summer camp counselors in Santa Cruz, CA, and, as Molly put it, "instantly hit it off." Friendship grew into something more, and the two dated — long-distance in the beginning — before Molly found a way to turn their their weekend tradition of eating homemade acai bowls in bed into a proposal. "One morning, I made Liz a special acai bowl with the ring on top of a strawberry," Molly told POPSUGAR. "I brought it to her in bed and told her I put something special on top. (She thought it was chocolate.) Then, as I brought the acai bowl closer, she saw the ring and screamed!"

"Every little detail was done with the intention of bringing colorful joy to everyone!"

Here's what Molly told POPSUGAR about what she calls their "confetti color love extravaganza" at The Fig House in Los Angeles. Keep reading to see all the fantastic details as well, from edible-glitter-topped cotton candy to a surprise flashmob, late-night pizza, and a silent disco. And make sure you watch the wedding video at the end for a story that'll bring on the waterworks.

POPSUGAR: What was your favorite decorative or event detail of the day?

Molly: Our favorite event detail of the day was the significance of hexagons woven throughout our wedding. Story behind the hexagon (words from our ceremony):

"People often say wedding bands are a perfect circle, with no beginning and no end. These rings are different. These rings are in the shape of a hexagon. Hexagons are strong shapes and symbols of union, harmony, and balance. They are the shapes that bees use to house their precious honey, and while one single paper-thin wax hexagon may be small and fragile, when joined together with the tens of thousands of others, it forms a honeycomb that holds dozens of pounds of honey. Just like bees, we become greater when we are open to seeing ourselves as a piece of a bigger puzzle. These rings symbolize the realization that you two are better together than alone."

Hexagons were everywhere on our special day: a wood hexagon altar made by Liz's dad, hexagon tiles as placards, hexagon table numbers, our hexagon wedding rings, hexagon-shaped cookies, and hexagon tiles at The Fig House.

PS: What was the most emotional moment of the day?

Molly: The most emotional part of the day was hearing each other's vows. They were not traditional vows but rather full-blown speeches to each other. In Liz's vows, she told a story that had EVERYONE in tears. It's about a card from a gas station. The story is told at the start of our wedding video.

One more emotional part was feeling the massive amount of love energy that surrounded Liz and myself from the start of the wedding until the very end. Our guests cheered as we walked down the aisle; there was clapping and cheering during our ceremony; people were screaming when we came out to the song "Bend Ova" by Lil Jon and Tyga; and we were showered in confetti all night on the dance floor as people scooped up confetti from the confetti cannon blasts and poured it on our heads. The feeling of joy was overwhelming in the best way possible.

PS: What inspired the overall look and theme of the wedding?

Molly: The theme of the wedding was color and confetti. Colors make us feel joy, and we wanted that to be the feel of our wedding: joy! When we were picking our venue, we instantly fell in love with The Fig House because it's a colorful paradise. We told all of our guests to wear their most colorful wedding attire, and boy, did they listen! Our florist picked vibrant wildflowers that made the day so bright. Our bridesmaids wore radiant jewel-toned dresses. We hand-selected the brightest colors for the confetti cannon that blasted on the dance floor. Starting from the custom-made colorful invitations and ending with the dance floor being covered in 15 pounds of confetti, every little detail was done with the intention of bringing colorful joy to everyone!