The Sentimental Reason Behind This Couple's Mountain Elopement Is Truly Heartwarming

Destinie Fouche Photography

Like many couples, Sam and Kyle intended on having a small wedding, but the guest list kept growing. Soon, amid the craziness of organizing all the details of the ceremony and reception, they realized the day was becoming less and less about them and their love. So they decided to just forgo the big wedding and elope in the mountains — that way, the day could truly be focused on their relationship. Ironically, Sam and Kyle are both elopement photographers, so they know that intimate ceremonies can be very magical.

The couple enlisted photographer Destinie Fouche to capture their special day. They backpacked along the gorgeous landscape of Libby, MT, exchanging vows at sunrise in the backcountry overlooking an iceberg-filled lake. The couple loved having their private moment in nature when they became husband and wife. Sam specifically loved when Kyle got a huge chunk of glacier ice to eat to celebrate their vow exchange.

"Both Sam and Kyle really value creating the day around newness and sacredness," Destinie said. "Eloping symbolized getting out of their comfort zone, which is such an important part of their relationship. Hiking on your wedding day is a great reminder that you might not always know how to navigate, but you'll always have a team member to hold your hand on the trail and help you carry the extra weight." She perfectly summed up the sentimental value of Sam and Kyle's elopement. Ahead, see the gorgeous photos she took of the happy couple.