These Couples Had Their Weddings Photobombed by Trump's Arraignment

Imagine seeing this familiar face in the background of your wedding photo.

On April 4, former President Donald Trump appeared in court for arraignment, making him the first former US president to face criminal charges. The area outside the courthouse was crowded with police officers, private security, press, protesters, and members of the general public who wanted a chance to witness the surreal and history-defining moment.

But others who were present nearby were likely more interested in their personal dramas than what was playing out just a few blocks away. About half of a mile from the Manhattan Criminal Courthouse, where Trump's arraignment was taking place, is New York City Hall. And at City Hall, plenty of couples had decided that April 4, 2023, was a perfect day to get married.

City Hall didn't halt weddings just because a former president was being arraigned nearby. But the couples who did have appointments to get hitched found themselves facing some unexpected roadblocks — including having their postnuptial pics photobombed by protesters, police officers, and Trump's motorcade.

On Twitter and TikTok, people are posting about the couples they've spotted who are just trying to get married amid the chaos of this history-making moment.

Some seem to be taking their lot in stride. Twitter user @NickLaparra, for instance, posted about hearing a soon-to-be-married couple shouting that Trump's arraignment was the "best wedding gift ever!"

This couple is getting married today at the courthouse right next to the criminal court where Trump is being arraigned.

Before going in, they yelled "Best wedding gift ever!"#TrumpArraignmentDay

— Nick Laparra (@NickLaparra) April 4, 2023

It was a sentiment echoed by other couples waiting to get hitched, including Jason Mcfarland and Dominic Lamarco, as well as Martin Sefranek and Jared Kronenberg. According to NBC, Lamarco said Trump's arrest made his special day "more joyful," and Sefranek thought that the fact that their big day was happening on this big day would become a great story to tell.

Daniel and Chris met a year ago today. That's why, a few weeks ago, they decided to get married this afternoon.

They just left the clerk's office — right as news broke that former President Donald Trump's motorcade is about to arrive so he can be arrested.

— Ben Collins (@oneunderscore__) April 4, 2023

Peter Don and Monique Beckford Khalia, another couple who got married near the crowd waiting for Trump's arraignment, also took the turn of events in stride, telling NBC News that "it's funny, but it's not going to ruin our day."

Good morning from downtown Manhattan where this lovely couple is getting married right next door to the media scrum waiting for the Trump indictment.

— Soo Youn (@lalasoo) April 4, 2023

One half of an arraignment-day couple, @ChandlerJDean on TikTok, was so tickled that Trump's arraignment was taking place not just on their wedding day, but also right down the street from their wedding location, that he claimed in the comments of a TikTok that they were making their wedding hashtag "#ArraignedWedding." "Do you think [Trump will] congratulate us?" he asked in a TikTok.

The former president, who pleaded not guilty to 34 felony counts, was unusually tight-lipped before entering the courthouse. He didn't deliver remarks to reporters, let alone take a minute to offer congratulations to the happy couples making a lifelong commitment nearby.

But if the energy of the happy couples celebrating at City Hall — despite the commotion taking place a few blocks away — doesn't make you believe that love can conquer all, nothing will.