This Couple Rented Out Toy Story Mania For Their Disneyland Wedding, So We Can Stop Trying Now

The same couple who pulled off the most beautiful Tangled engagement shoot did not disappoint when it came to their Disney Fairy-Tale Wedding. Sarah and Gilbert stunned us once again with their big day held at California Adventure, complete with surprise after surprise for the guests and a whole lot of magic.

The two met at UC Berkeley when Sarah was a freshman and Gilbert was a graduating senior. They stayed friends for the next few years, bumping into each other on both campus, when Gilbert got a job at Cal, and as neighbors, when Sarah became the girl next door, but little did she know that her future husband was right under her nose. After four years of friendship, both of them finally began to "see the light" (hence, their Tangled-inspired session) and pursue a romantic relationship.

Seven years later, Gilbert proposed on the same steps of the Berkeley plaza where they realized they were better together as partners than friends. In true Disney fashion, he even popped the question with a custom "Adventure Book" because they watched Up on their first date.

Sarah and Gilbert have always shared a love for Disney, from running Disney marathons together to visiting the parks several times a year as annual pass holders. With Disneyland holding such a special place in Sarah's heart and it being where they took their first vacation together, it only made sense that they tie the knot there as well.

"We were inspired to have a Fairy-Tale Wedding at Disneyland because we wanted to share the magic and wonder we feel when we're at the parks with our closest friends and family," Gilbert told POPSUGAR. "Sarah's always been my princess, and I wanted us to have a wedding that truly makes her feel like one."

Sarah always knew she wanted a Disneyland wedding. Though she originally wanted to have the reception inside the Animation Building at California Adventure, price increases forced a change of plans. But of course, Disney's Fairy-Tale Weddings helped the couple create a wedding just as magical, all while meeting each of their requirements: an anti-cookie-cutter wedding and the ability to go inside the park with their guests.

"I am not a ballroom bride, so I couldn't imagine having our guests at any of the rooms," Sarah said. "My heart was still set on the Animation Building, but after telling DFTW that I wanted to 'bring the outdoors inside,' they made it happen."

They decided on the Rose Court Garden — as an ode to Sarah's late grandmother, Rose — and the intimate setting of the Trillium. Disney transformed the indoor space into a garden with lanterns, candles, hedges, long tables, and gold accents. In addition to classic Disneyland fare like corn dogs and churros, Sarah and Gilbert continued to throw surprises at their guests throughout the day.

"All of our guests were excited to attend our wedding at Disneyland, but they had no idea what we had up our sleeves!" Sarah said. "The entire day was so under wraps that even our bridal party didn't know what was going to happen next! Everyone was constantly on their toes, not knowing what to expect next."

One of the first surprises included Sarah coming down in the Cinderella Carriage, a moment when she took everyone's breath away, including ours.

"Seeing her came with the realization that I would be spending the rest of my life with a real-life princess," Gilbert said. "I was overwhelmed with emotion and couldn't handle myself. Nothing else in the world mattered in that moment."

A live singer sang Disney tunes, guests were escorted to their seats via personalized Fastpasses, and each person also got glowing wristbands that their DJ controlled with the music. But it didn't stop there. Mickey and Minnie made a guest appearance during the reception and guests were thrilled to find out that they were able to experience the last showing of World of Color in their own reserved area. To top it all off, the couple also rented out Toy Story Mania after the park closed for just their party to enjoy!

Sarah and Gilbert ended their magical evening with a proper wand send-off and rode off on the Main Street Fire Engine. From start to finish, the newlyweds' nuptials were Disney perfection.

After seeing their photos, you'll consider a Disney wedding for yourself. See them ahead!