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Etsy's Heartwarming New Holiday Ad Celebrates LGBTQ+ Love

Etsy's Holiday Commercial About a Family Supporting Their Son's New Boyfriend Is a Gift

Etsy has been tugging directly at our heartstrings with its new holiday ads, and this one might be my favorite so far. The video, titled "Gift Like You Mean It: New Guy," tells the story of Brandon and David, a couple home for the holidays who receive an unexpected gift. "Don't worry, they're going to love you," one of the men tells the other as his boyfriend prepares to meet his family for the first time.

As everyone gathers around the Christmas tree after dinner, the man's father walks up and hands them a gift. "We didn't forget about you. Welcome to the family," he says, revealing a miniature embroidery circle ornament that features a hand-stitched image of the two men with their names underneath. As someone who's seen this video six times, I can confirm that Brandon and David's smiles at the end are totally worth a watch. See the full, heartwarming video above, and check out these holiday gifts for the whole family once you've finished wiping away any lingering happy tears.

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