36 Signs Your Partner Is "the One"

Getting to spend your life with one person is one of the luckiest things imaginable. When my husband and I were planning our wedding many years ago, I got asked a lot of questions. While everyone wanted to know about the color scheme and wedding venue, the one thing I got asked a surprising amount was: "How did you know he was 'the one'?" The answer, of course, can be pretty long-winded and personal. Even though we might love many people in our lifetime, there might also be one person who excites you and who you want to be with for the rest of your life. Finding "the one" is special. Consider these traits of a relationship that can let you know you have found that one person who will make you smile until you're old and gray.

  1. They make you laugh every day.
  2. You want to spend time with them even when you're not feeling your best.
  3. Doing mundane activities like going to the store is made better by having them with you.
  4. You think about them throughout the day.
  5. You both take care of each other's needs.
  6. You are sexually happy with them and find them attractive.
  7. Even if you aren't in your dream job now, they support what it takes to get there.
  8. Children have been discussed, and you share a similar vision of how many, if any, you want.
  9. All of the parents (or important friends and family members) have met.
  10. There aren't any secrets being kept.
  11. Money and spending habits are discussed and respected.
  12. The thought of growing old with them doesn't scare you.
  13. Their friends and your friends have merged into one group.
  14. They know how you take your drink.
  15. Even when you're snot-nosed and sick, they still want to take care of you.
  16. Fights are minimal, and when they occur, they're productive.
  17. There are numerous inside jokes that only you two would understand the humor to.
  18. The idea of planning a wedding with them sounds like fun.
  19. You can be your real self around them, farts and all.
  20. Together you can sit back and enjoy silence, knowing that you don't need words to have a good time.
  21. You've told them things that no one else in the world knows.
  22. They don't judge you when you have unconventional thoughts.
  23. Some nights you stay up late just to talk in bed.
  24. You can't imagine a future without them.
  25. In fact, you can't believe you've lived this long without them.
  26. Neither of you is particularly jealous about previous relationships because nothing could compare to yours.
  27. You are not annoyed by their quirks; instead, you find them endearing.
  28. Your relationship is built on trust and a mutual appreciation for each other.
  29. Difficult moments, like job loss and deaths in the family, are made more tolerable because they know just what you need to feel better.
  30. You like the same movies and music, at least enough to be entertained together.
  31. They don't let you get away with things.
  32. They challenge you to be the best version of yourself.
  33. You've talked about the future and are on the same page.
  34. You love your person unconditionally, even when they're being a bit of a stinker.
  35. Drama does not exist between you two.
  36. All the love songs in the world make sense now because you two have found each other.