The Most Chaotic Ways People Found Out They Were Being Cheated On

Chaotic Ways People Found Out They Were Being Cheated On
Design Elements: Getty | Archive Holdings Inc.; Jasmin Merdan; Pakin Songmor
Photo Illustration: Ava Cruz
Design Elements: Getty | Archive Holdings Inc.; Jasmin Merdan; Pakin Songmor
Photo Illustration: Ava Cruz

It doesn't matter if you're a hot person, a model, a celebrity, or a normie, cheating doesn't discriminate — nor is it ever fun to be on the receiving end of. Not only can being cheated on lead to major emotional turmoil (read: feelings of insecurity, anger, sadness, and anxiety), but it can also lead to trust issues that could potentially hinder future relationships.

But if there's anything the internet can't get enough of around all things infidelity, it's how people found out they were being cheated on. And let me just say, some people's sleuthing skills are unmatched.

Just recently, a plane had to make an emergency landing after a wife discovered she was being cheated on mid-flight. How did she find this out, you ask? According to the NYPost, she "unlocked her sleeping hubby's phone by putting his finger on the home button."

And remember when Shakira allegedly realized she was being cheated on when she discovered some of her favorite jam had been eaten while she was away, despite both her husband at the time, Gerard Piqué, and her kids not liking it? Sneaky.

Although these examples are some of the more clever ways people have found out they were being cheated on, they aren't the only ones. Below, we rounded up the wildest ways other people have discovered their partner was being unfaithful. All we have to say is it's incredible how accurate people's intuitions are.

  1. "I found out from a TikTok that went viral. This NYC influencer made a video talking about different profiles on Hinge he had encountered, and my boyfriend's profile was in one of the slides in the background." — Heather*, 24
  2. "A woman I suspected my boyfriend cheated on me with gave birth to twins that looked exactly like him. Same face and everything. It wasn't until after we broke up that he told me he did, in fact, sleep with her without a condom." — Rachel, 30
  3. "I was in the back of my ex's car with a few of his friends. I saw something in the seat pocket in front of me, so I stuck my hand in and pulled out a used condom. He claimed it must have been a friend's." — Jill, 30
  4. "I found my ex's Reddit page, went to his comment history, and saw that he commented on a picture of a naked girl who took the picture in our shared boat with his clothes on the floor in the background." — Katherine, 27
  5. "The girl he was sleeping with behind my back posted on her Snapchat story a photo of them in bed with the caption 'When bae can't last another round.'" — Carrie, 23
  6. "My boyfriend's account was linked to our shared email, and I saw confirmation of a booked abortion appointment. I was not pregnant." — Anna*, 34
  7. "Not only did I find a single spicy sunflower seed shell on the table, which I had never seen my partner eat, but then I found a broken acrylic nail in the bathroom." — Kara, 31
  8. "My toddler was in this habit of randomly blurting out a name I didn't recognize. I later found out it was the name of the woman my partner had been cheating on me with. Turns out, he had also been taking our daughter on his little escapades." — Amelia, 40
  9. "I noticed a random girl sent my boyfriend some money for dinner on Venmo, so I followed the crumbs to her Instagram. There, I saw an untagged photo of the two of them together. Her caption? 'This year wasn't completely terrible!'" — Rachel*, 37
  10. "I found drugstore eyeliner and mascara in the bathroom. To my significant other's surprise, I only use high-end brands." — Erika, 33
  11. "I was dating a Marine stationed at the nearby base, and one night, we ended up getting a hotel room because we had been drinking and my place was too far. The next morning, the hotel slid the bill under the door, but I noticed that they put a different name than what I knew him as. When I asked him about it, he told me he used his middle name. After investigating, I found out he had a serious girlfriend back home." — Tiffany*, 34
  12. "I had suspicions about a woman who he claimed was 'just his friend.' When I found her Instagram, she had posted a photo of a plate of food on his very distinctive countertops with the caption 'When my man cooks me food.' The plates used were also ones I had bought him." — Ally, 30
  13. "I was scrolling Twitter and saw he liked his friend's tweet. I then clicked on his friend's Twitter, which also had his Instagram linked. When I went to his Instagram, he'd posted a picture two days prior of my boyfriend and another girl being cozy. Said girl was tagged, and when I went to her profile, her Instagram was filled with pictures of my boyfriend. Come to find out my boyfriend of two years had a girlfriend of five years." — Kayla, 35
  14. "My husband of five years left his lunchbox at home one day. I was working from home, so I decided to clean up. I found his lunchbox full of food from the day prior, so I decided to be a good wife and clean it out for him. At the bottom of the lunchbox was a phone, but it was dead. I figured it was just his work phone he had left behind too, so I put it on the charger for him. When it turned on, it was blowing up with notifications, so I picked it up thinking there must be an emergency at work. When I did, I realized it was his old phone that he was still using to communicate with another girlfriend (plus several other girls from dating apps)." — Anna, 32
  15. "I once went to visit my BF when we were long distance. I got to his apartment first while he was out and noticed that all of the photos of us were missing. I snooped around and found them in a pile face down in his closet. He never fessed up to actually cheating. But where there's smoke, there's fire. Right?" — Cait, 36
  16. "My Instagram algorithm suggested I follow the girl he was cheating on me with. I had no idea. Thanks, IG!" — Alicia, 35

*Names have been changed