The Locket Widget Lets You Post Photos Right to a Loved One's Phone Screen

When the days are long and I'm moving nonstop, seeing a sweet text pop up from someone I love is an instant reprieve — a brief moment not spent stressing about a million things at once but thinking about a person who makes me smile. The Locket Widget, an app developed by Matthew Moss, builds on this idea by allowing Locket users to install a widget on their phone's home screen, add up to five friends and loved ones, and send photos that'll appear directly on users' Locket Widgets. The concept and the interface are simple, straightforward, and guaranteed to make you smile several times a day. Not to mention, with Valentine's Day coming up, it's a fun, thoughtful tool to send a little love someone's way.

Setting up the Locket Widget takes all of two minutes. Once you download the app, simply verify your phone number, add your name, and import your contacts. From there, select up to five people you'd like to be able to use Locket with. (If someone hasn't downloaded Locket, adding them as a friend will trigger a texted link to download it.) As you wait for friends to accept your request, you'll want to add the Locket Widget to your phone's home screen. Start by holding down on any app to put your screen in edit mode. Then, tap the plus sign in the top-left corner of your screen, search for Locket in the widget search bar, and place the square Locket Widget wherever you'd like.

Locket Widget

Once a friend accepts your request, you can begin posting live photos to each other's widgets by tapping on the widget or the app, snapping a photo, and clicking the send button. The photos you send will appear directly on the widget and also within the app, where you can view, download, and delete all the photos sent between you and your contacts. Post funny photos to make friends laugh, sweet photos to let someone know you love them, or, in my case, little daily updates to my parents who live far away. Especially during a time when community is more valuable than ever, even the smallest ways to connect make a big impact.