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22 Beautiful Photos of Women Proposing

22 Beautiful Photos of Women Proposing That Will Definitely Make You Tear Up

Kate and Sarah

Long gone are the days of stiff wedding traditions. While many women dream about the day they'll be proposed to, a lot of others want to be the one to pop the question to their partners. There are no rules for a perfect love story, and we can't get enough of the rise in popularity of women-led proposals.

POPSUGAR recently spoke with Meghan Brown, Site Director for, about the dissolution of traditional wedding proposals. "Just like relationships, marriage proposals are not one size fits all," she said. "Every day we see couples making their proposals their own, from grand gestures involving family and friends to intimate proposals that weave in parts of their daily life. It's all about making it personal. At How They Asked, our goal is to inspire readers by celebrating love in all walks of life. We believe proposals are founded in love and that love comes in all shapes and forms; men proposing to women, women proposing to men, same-sex couples proposing to each other, and everyone in between."

Lauren Kay, Deputy Editor of The Knot, echoed Meghan's sentiments. "This uptick in women doing the asking and owning it is not really surprising," she told POPSUGAR. "More and more couples are twisting or breaking conventional traditions in an effort to showcase their unique love story, values, and personality. Whether it's a woman proposing to a man, a woman proposing to another woman, or even a dual proposal, we love seeing how women are challenging conventional traditions and planning memorable proposals for their significant other. There's no one way to ask someone to share their life with you — we're all about couples taking that next step in their relationship however they see fit."

Keep reading for 22 beautiful photos of women popping the question, but be warned: you're going to need a few tissues to get through it.

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