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10 Poly Dating Apps

The 10 Best Apps For Poly or Nonmonogamous Dating

10 Poly Dating Apps

There's no shortage of dating apps on the market, but for those who practice polyamory or ethical nonmonogamy, finding a match can be a bit trickier. Polyamory is the practice of having multiple romantic or sexual relationships at a time, with the consent of all involved. Because this lifestyle is still considered to be outside the norm, it can be difficult to identify others interested in dating more than one person. Stigmas surrounding nonmonogamy may also hinder some from openly seeking poly relationships, which is why some daters look for privacy and discretion first when choosing an app.

Thankfully the dating-app world has expanded to include an array of preferences. So whether you're solo or in a relationship, and whether you're looking for a partner for the night or for the long term, these 10 apps can help you foster new connections.

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