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This Gothic Halloween-Inspired Wedding Is So Romantic

This Couple's Romantic Halloween-Inspired Wedding Shoot Has Subtle Nods to Tim Burton

This Gothic Halloween-Inspired Wedding Is So Romantic

Inspired by their love of Halloween and Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas and Beetlejuice, this couple's styled wedding shoot was an enchanting and intimate ode to the season. Genesis and Kelvin were inspired to re-create their wedding day by styling a shoot with all things dark, gothic, and romantic. The two met in 2009 when they were only teens and started dating soon thereafter. Now more than 10 years later, they're married with four small children and living out their own beautiful love story.

"Our love for Halloween is prevalent, and doesn't cut short with our love for Disney, so a Nightmare Before Christmas theme was definitely called for," Genesis told POPSUGAR in an email. "We were inspired to be part of the shoot because we pretty much spend 100 percent of our time working and caring for our children. Our youngest daughter has Dravet Syndrome, a life-threatening epilepsy condition, which has left Kelvin as the sole caretaker for her while I work full-time and go to school. This was a great opportunity for us to stop and enjoy each other. As parents of children with disabilities it is easy to get burned out and feel overwhelmed, so taking this moment to step back, enjoy each other, and do something nice for us was truly amazing."

The shoot included a gothic bouquet of violet flowers, enchanting white pumpkins, deep red accents, and chilling decor. Genesis wore a dreamy lace dress with a long flowing train that stole the show more than once, and the outdoor venue was complete with wrought iron detail that only made the haunting theme more enticing. And, of course, no wedding is complete without a cake, and the black Nightmare Before Christmas three-tiered dessert was almost too captivating to eat. Smaller details were included in the shoot that tied into the couple's own relationship, which made their special day even more romantic.

"The sparklers at the end of our session were amazing. Kelvin and I always dreamed of having sparklers at our wedding, but it never happened, so we were happy that destiny brought a moment like that to us," Genesis said.

Take a peek at Genesis and Kelvin's spellbinding wedding shoot ahead, and see how they brought the magic of Halloween to life.

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