Looking For a Song That's Perfect to Pucker Up To? Try 1 of These Super Sweet Hits

YouTube | Doja Cat
YouTube | Doja Cat

Awkward, sloppy, and hard to forget — that's how many (myself included) would describe their first kiss. Whether it's your first one or one of many, there's no better way to set the mood (and extinguish the awkwardness) than by queuing up a good playlist that's both fun and romantic all in one. While some people have a sex playlist, there's something underrated about a curation of songs that are specifically for lip-to-lip action.

Thanks to Spotify, that playlist already exists, and wow, is it good. This selection of songs is made from the app's top-streamed tracks that feature the word "kiss" in the title, and they're as steamy as they sound. With data collected from January of this year until now, this playlist features music-lovers' most-played tracks, complete with new 2021 songs that are at the top of the charts to old-school hits that are too good to forget about. Whether you're looking to set the mood or you just want to listen to tunes that are as good as gold, check out Spotify's list of swoon-worthy "kiss" songs ahead. Ready, set, pucker up!

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"Kiss Me More" by Doja Cat feat. SZA

Catchy, cute, and sure to give your partner the hint, "Kiss Me More" is the number-one most-played song for a reason. Cue it up!

Listen to "Kiss Me More" on Spotify here.

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“Kiss Me Thru The Phone” by Sammie, Soulja Boy

An oldie but a goodie, "Kiss Me Thru The Phone" is a classic. If you're looking to dabble in some nostalgia, just press "play."

Listen to "Kiss Me Thru The Phone" on Spotify here.

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“Cocoa Butter Kisses” by Chance the Rapper, Twista, Vic Mensa

If "Cocoa Butter Kisses" isn't already in one of your playlists, this is your sign to add it, and add it ASAP.

Listen to "Cocoa Butter Kisses" on Spotify here.

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“One Kiss” by Calvin Harris, Dua Lipa

How could you not like this Dua Lipa and Calvin Harris masterpiece?! This fun bop will be sure to get you in the mood for whatever romantic escapade is in your future.

Listen to "One Kiss" on Spotify here.

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“I Kissed A Girl” by Katy Perry

How many times have we lip-synced to this song, you ask? The limit does not exist. Add it to your sex playlist if you want to spice things up.

Listen to "I Kissed A Girl" on Spotify here.

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“Kiss Kiss” by Machine Gun Kelly

Want to make your partner swoon like Machine Gun Kelly makes Megan Fox swoon? Just play "Kiss Kiss," and watch heart eyes take form.

Listen to "Kiss Kiss" on Spotify here.

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“My First Kiss” by 3OH!3, Kesha

It's impossible to count the number of times "My First Kiss" has been played at high school dances, but we know each time is just as good as the last. Add this song to your queue when you want to make your partner laugh.

Listen to "My First Kiss" on Spotify here.

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“Kiss Me” by Sixpence None The Richer

If you're looking out on the milky twilight or being led out on the moonlit floor, be sure to have this song on repeat if you want to set the tone for romance.

Listen to "Kiss Me" on Spotify here.

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“Kiss Kiss” by Chris Brown and T-Pain

Equally nostalgic and fun to dance to, this song is too good to pass up. Add it to your party playlist, and give your partner a wink when the chorus comes on.

Listen to "Kiss Kiss" on Spotify here.

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“Kiss From a Rose” by Seal

Having a romantic night in? Get this song on the playlist now, and you can thank us later.

Listen to "Kiss From a Rose" on Spotify here.

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“This Kiss” by Faith Hill

In the moonlight on the rooftop under the sky or with the windows open while the rain comes pouring inside, this song will never get old. Play it when you want to feel nostalgic and romantic all at once.

Listen to "This Kiss" on Spotify here.

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“Kiss It Better” by Rihanna

Obviously Rihanna belongs on this list! "Kiss It Better" is timeless and sexy, meaning you can add it to any playlist you please.

Listen to "Kiss It Better" on Spotify here.

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“Good Kisser” by Lake Street Dive

With a catchy tune, "Good Kisser" has that fun energy you're looking for when it comes to kiss-worthy hits. Just press "play" when you want to listen to something that'll lift up your spirits.

Listen to "Good Kisser" on Spotify here.

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“Kiss” by Prince

Not only is "Kiss" a good song, but the music video is just as enticing! Add this jam to your queue, and get ready to get in the mood.

Listen to "Kiss" on Spotify here.

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“Kiss Somebody” by Morgan Evans

Looking for a country twist? This Morgan Evans has got all that and more. Turn it up when you're looking for a song that'll whisk you and your lover away to somewhere far, far away.

Listen to "Kiss Somebody" on Spotify here.

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“Last Kiss” by Pearl Jam

This Pearl Jam song is a classic, and for good reason! We suggest pairing this tune with a lazy night in, some wine, and your SO.

Listen to "Last Kiss" on Spotify here.

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“Kiss the Girl” by Samuel E. Wright

Disney fans, this one's for you! Straight from The Little Mermaid, this song is sweet enough to be added to any playlist.

Listen to "Kiss the Girl" on Spotify here.

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“Kiss You” by One Direction

We needed at least one One Direction song on this list! "Kiss You" is fun and cute, and it's sure to make your crush blush.

Listen to "Kiss You" on Spotify here.

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“Kiss U Right Now” by Duckwrth

With a slow, sexy rhythm, this song is worthy of a spot on your sex playlist, if you ask us.

Listen to "Kiss U Right Now" on Spotify here.

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“Can We Kiss Forever?” by Adriana Proenza, Kina

Looking for a song that you can kiss to all night long or forever? Boy, do we have the one for you!

Listen to "Can We Kiss Forever?" on Spotify here.