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The Hottest Standing Sex Positions You'll Love Trying

7 Standing Sex Positions So Hot, You'll Forget About Your Bed

Standing sex positions are underrated. Sure, a nice, warm, plush bed is always tempting, but standing sex positions allow you and your partner a chance to get even more creative and adventurous with how you pleasure each other and how you reach orgasm. Not to mention, standing sex positions allow you and your partner to have sex pretty much anywhere (legally and consensually!), which can really heat things up between you.

While some standing sex positions are only slight modifications of other sex positions you know and love, others require you and your partner to get a little crafty, creative, and flexible, making for a fun time at the end of the day. Plus, standing sex is fluid; as arousal ramps up, you and your partner can switch positions, switch locations, switch between penetrative and oral sex, and switch between giving and receiving with relative ease. If anything, you might have so much fun, you'll forget your bed is even an option.

Ahead, take stock of these seven standing sex positions before you and your partner get down and dirty next.

Standing Sex Position: Standing Doggy Style

Entirely straightforward, the standing doggy style sex position involves the receiving partner positioned doggy style on the edge of a bed or surface, while the giving partner stands and penetrates them from behind, using their partner's hips as an anchor. This position can allow for deeper penetration, if that's a priority for either partner, as well as the potential for G-spot or prostate stimulation.

Standing Sex Position: Upright Missionary

Missionary sex is a forever classic that doesn't have to be "boring" if you don't want it to be. Upright missionary sex takes this position off the bed to anywhere you and your partner would like. The most basic standing missionary sex position involves the receiving partner standing with their back against a wall as the giving partner stimulates and penetrates from the front. This position can also be easier for the penetrating partner, as they're not relying on their arms to support their entire body.

Standing Sex Position: Standing Oral Sex

All the things you love about oral sex, but standing up. You or your partner can stand against a wall, a countertop, or virtually anywhere else, while the other performs oral sex while kneeling. (If you know you'll be going at this for a while, perhaps kneel on a pillow or cushion.) This position works for both cunnilingus and anilingus and is an equally stimulating alternative to penetrative sex.

Standing Sex Position: The Butter Churner

For the adventurous among us, the Butter Churner sex position is . . . well, much better than it sounds, although it requires a little bit more effort and flexibility than the others. For this position, the bottom partner will lie on their back, as the top partner lifts their partner's legs vertically, stands between them, and gently squats to penetrate their partner. The Butter Churner can certainly be a hard position to stay in for long periods of time, but it's a fun one to try.

Standing Sex Position: The Lift

Another classic standing sex position, the lift simply involves the penetrating partner lifting the receiver up, so that, while they're being penetrated, the receiver's legs are wrapped around their partner's waist. For a little more support, it's helpful to rest either the receiver's or the giver's back against a wall, or even to rest the receiver's bottom comfortably against the edge of a table or countertop.

Standing Sex Position: The Wheelbarrow

The Wheelbarrow, too, is an adventurous standing sex position that requires some coordinating, but is exciting nonetheless. In this position, the penetrating partner will stand between the partner's legs and lift them so that they can comfortably penetrate their partner, while the receiver supports their upper body with their arms.

Standing Sex Position: The T Stand

The T Stand is another position that prioritizes oral sex, more specifically cunnilingus. For this position, the partner performing oral should lie on their back, with their head just off the corner or edge of the bed. The receiving partner should then stand over their partner, with their legs on either side of their partner's head as they receive oral — much like a modified version of face sitting.

Image Source: Pexels / Tim Samuel
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