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Steampunk-Themed Wedding Ideas

This Stunning Steampunk Wedding Includes a Cake Made Out of Nuts, Bolts, and Wheels!

Steampunk-Themed Wedding Ideas

The Industrial Revolution was monumental for technological advancements — and also a surprisingly cool source of wedding inspiration. This steampunk-themed styled wedding was the brain-child of event planner Victoria Stallings. Now, you might be wondering what exactly is "steampunk"? Most people would define it as a sub-genre of science fiction that draws inspiration from the industrial era.

This wedding perfectly encapsulates the beauty of the steampunk genre. The venue included an actual steam engine train — a popular trope of the industrial era. All attendees wore outfits inspired by Victorian silhouettes with a dash of retro-futurism. The wedding also featured a show-stopping cake that were topped with an array of nuts, bolts, and wheels.

"My vision was to show the true steampunk style, featuring the machinery and mechanical style along with the Victorian style of our modern times," said Victoria about this themed wedding. "Steampunk works often take place in alternative history worlds where steam-powered technology is extremely prominent." This allowed Victoria to really push the boundaries and let her imagination sore while creating this wedding. Make sure to keep reading to see this wonderful vision come to life!

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