#WeddedAF: Anastasia and Feliks's Brooklyn Microwedding Was a Vision in Green

Everly Studios

Anastasia and Feliks always knew that they wanted a small wedding, but when the pandemic hit, they scaled it back even further and ended up celebrating their love with a gorgeous microwedding. They tied the knot in August surrounded by 35 friends and family members at an outdoor restaurant in Brooklyn, NY. They selected Bacchus Bistro & Wine Bar as the venue for their wedding and spruced it up with a lot of DIY decor. "We didn't get to do the original decor we planned on due to so many last-minute changes. However, the restaurant was very accommodating and put out as much as they could the day of," Anastasia said. "We ordered greenery and flowers and lanterns to put out and made custom welcome signs and bags for each guest."

The couple wanted their wedding to represent their love of greenery and the outdoors. So they incorporated a lot of green elements to add a splash of nature to their city-set ceremony. They made their own floral arrangements from flowers available at the grocery store, and they turned out beautifully. Anastasia wore an olive-green hat and they wore matching face masks, adding a cute touch to their big-day attire. See the lovely photos from this microwedding ahead!