A Photo Bus Isn't the Only Cool Detail From This Gorgeous Desert Wedding

It may be a bit stressful to plan your wedding from the other side of the world, but when Taylor Wolff and Adam Svarc chose the laid-back Smoke Tree Ranch in Palm Springs, CA, from their home in Melbourne, Australia, they knew their big day would be anything but. The couple, who met and got engaged in Australia after Taylor transplanted there from CA, had help from Veronica Valencia of The Designer Hunters in planning. When the April date came around, every detail had been finalized, and Taylor and Adam were able to relax and enjoy a long weekend of events with their closest family and friends. With deconstructed bouquets lining the tables in place of traditional centerpieces, dinner served family style, and a vintage VW bus acting as a photo booth, the reception was accented with stylish details that allowed the stunning natural surroundings — and gorgeous couple — to take center stage.