The Couple in This Elopement Shoot Have the Sweetest Connection to the Stunning Lake Setting

Brianna Parks Photography

Photographer Brianna Parks was on a mission when she set up this styled shoot — she wanted to create a chic and sophisticated elopement that would never go out of fashion, something that would inspire generations to come. So in August 2020, she enlisted real-life couple Sarah and Jonathan to be the models in her shoot. It took place in Washington's Olympic National Park, which holds sentimental meaning for the pair — it's where they got engaged.

"The inspiration for the decor was simple, timeless pieces. I wanted my couple to be able to look back at these photos in 20 years and have them not age," Brianna said. "I wanted simple whites and greens to really make the location and the couple stand out." She definitely achieved her vision, as Sarah wore an elegant A-line wedding gown with lace detailing and Jonathan wore a button-up shirt with trousers and a forest-green tie that perfectly matched the woods surrounding them.

The couple looked heavenly as they posed along the majestic lake with the mountains touching the blue sky behind them. The day was perfect, as the couple had Lake Crescent all to themselves during sunrise. With this shoot, Brianna proved that a good wedding doesn't need an extravagant theme or an enormous budget, because the best weddings are those that allow a couple's love to shine.