This TikToker Swears By Her 2-Week Dating Rule, and It's the Advice We Needed

You know those days (er, every day) when you're aimlessly scrolling on TikTok, and a video pops up on your feed that's too good not to share? Yeah, we just had one of those moments. TikToker @kayleeanneglover (or Kaylee Anne) shared a piece of dating advice that everyone needs to hear. Coined her "two-week rule," Kaylee came up with this for herself in order to not settle or lower her standards when dating, and we think it's the new gold standard.

In her clip, Kaylee explains that she gives potential partners two weeks to either show interest in her, take her on a date, or make the first move. If they do one of those things, she'll consider them as a romantic partner, so long as they aren't still pursuing other people and are serious about a long-term relationship. On the flip side, if they don't express their interest, take her out, or make a move, she'll move on.

By giving someone two full weeks, she can already tell if they are going to be a good potential partner or if they are going to leave her on the backburner. Setting these kinds of standards when dating helps to weed out the people who will just waste your time, and it'll help you take more control of your romantic life. The moral of this tip is to know your worth and not settle for anyone less than you deserve.