15 Creative Sign Ideas For Encouraging Your Wedding Guests to "Unplug"

There are a thousand things to stress about when planning a wedding, and in this social-media-obsessed era, we can now add "having the photos ruined by smartphones" to the list. That's why more and more couples are opting for "unplugged weddings" wherein guests are politely asked to switch off all their devices so as not to interrupt the ceremony or obstruct the views of the professional wedding photographers.

To announce an unplugged wedding, most people prominently display a sign with sweet (or cheeky) instructions to keep mobile devices turned off and tucked away. Some include a specific time at which photos and social media will once again be permitted, such as after cocktail hour or during the first dance. Aside from helping the professional wedding photographers do their jobs, it ensures that guests are fully present — not scrolling through Instagram filters — during this special occasion.

You can have some fun with this project, as you'll see here. Some signs are sassy, some include rhymes, and some are just beautifully designed. Find some inspiration for every kind of wedding, from earthy and rustic to elegantly simple.