What Venus in Aquarius Means For Your Love Life

Cuffing season may already be underway (or maybe winter-coating season, depending on your ex), but your love life might be due for some changes for the next month or so — at least, according to astrology. That's because Venus, the planet that rules over love, beauty, creativity, and sensuality, will be moving into air sign Aquarius from Jan. 2 to 26.

Aquarius represents freedom, vision, and change, so this Venus in Aquarius transit will be all about embracing innovation, experimentation, and stepping outside your comfort zone, queer astrologer Aryn the Alchemist says.

"Aquarius is traditionally ruled by Saturn, the planet of karma, time, and limitations," Aryn says. However, in modern astrology, the sign is ruled by Uranus, the planet of surprise, future events, and technology, they say. Because of that, both planets can speak to this sign's qualities, as well as how it will show up during this transit. "Venus in Aquarius grapples with how our perspectives about relationships and self-value may restrict our potential," Aryn explains. "This transit is a potent time for fostering positive self-talk and considering different angles, especially where we feel stuck in our lives."

Because Aquarius is a fixed sign, you'll likely be feeling an emphasis on stability, meaning it's a great time to nurture your relationships. "That may look like initiating important conversations with loved ones, reconnecting with old friends, or getting clarity on your values," Aryn says. But for much of this transit, Mercury will be retrograde, a sign notorious for difficult communication. With this alignment, Aryn cautions that "Aquarius energy can be electrifying but can also spark burnout."

To set yourself up for success, emphasize thoughtfulness and deliberateness in your relationships. "This is a time for reflection, contemplation, and slowing down. Venus in Aquarius presents an opportunity for clarity about how you relate to others and yourself. Take each day at a time, and be open to exploring your mental landscape," Aryn says.

During Venus's transit through Aquarius, there are some key dates to note.

  • Jan. 9: On this date, Venus forms a harmonious trine, or a positive angle between planets, with Mars retrograde in Gemini. Venus will lend some consoling energy to an agitated Mars, which Aryn notes "can be useful for smoothing over tension in our relationships."
  • Jan. 14: Venus interacts with Uranus in Taurus, shaking up our sense of normalcy and throwing into question what we think we want, Aryn says. You may encounter an unexpected path during this period, or new relationships or lovers may come into the mix.
  • Jan. 22: Venus will conjunct Saturn (meaning the two are very close together in the sky and "merge" energies), creating some potential challenges. "Saturn has a sobering effect and may orient us to see the negative aspects of our relationships," Aryn says. "However, this is a necessary step in taking action to build more positive dynamics and stronger foundations."

What Signs Will Be Most Affected by Venus in Aquarius?

Anyone with Aquarius placements in their birth chart — meaning you have a sun sign, a moon sign, a rising sign, or another planet in Aquarius — will feel the transit, making it an excellent time to reflect on your relationships, communication patterns, and desires.

But those with other fixed-sign placements will be affected as well. "Taurus and Scorpio placements may experience some tension that pushes them into action. Leo placements will be activated, too, but in a way that exposes their ambivalence. They may see their contradictory attitudes more keenly," Aryn says.

Regardless of your chart, astrological transits are an opportunity to reflect on your life. This is a time to pay attention and assess your love life, relationships, and creative pursuits.