5 Sex Languages — Which Sex Language Do You or Your Partner Speak?

You think you know about sex and about your partner? Psychologist and author Douglas Weiss PhD will take your sex IQ to new heights with his insights in his new book, 5 Sex Languages. You may know all about the love languages, but what even are the sex lanugages? Dr. Weiss shares an overview here.

And How! Imaging

You have the keys to open the doors to sexual pleasure for your partner and from your partner. Let's go through the five sex languages briefly here.

Sex Language 1: Fun

The fun sex language person's pleasure is accentuated when you mix fun with sex. This person is going to enjoy spontaneity, various locations, and creativity during all phases of sex.

Sex Language 2: Desire

The desire sex language person's sexuality is heightened if they feel pursued and wanted. They love you planning their sexual time and encounter. Their pleasure is you really wanting them sexually.

Sex Language 3: Pleasure

If your partner's sex language is pleasure, they will want to learn how to please you. They want to experiment as to what gives the most pleasure during a sex act. Their exploring and being explored takes sex to another level for this person.

Sex Language 4: Patience

Slow it down, take your time and a lot of time are some of the mantras of the patience sex language. This person enjoys massages and gentleness before, during and after sex.

Sex Language 5: Acceptance/Celebration

The person who has an acceptance/celebration sex language wants to know you accept and celebrate all who they are. During every phase of sex they want you to appreciate all they are to you, not just their body or sexually. Being valued makes sex more satisfying for this person.